Danger Girl Pack

Lot of nice models in here based off of Danger Girl.


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Lot of nice models in here based off of Danger Girl.

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Model Name              : DangerGirl
installation directory  : UT2003\Animations\DangerGirl.ukx
                                  UT2003\Textures\ DangerGirl_tex1.utx
                                  UT2003\Textures\ DangerGirl_tex2.utx
                                  UT2003\Textures\ DangerGirl_tex3.utx
                                  UT2003\Textures\ DangerGirl_tex4.utx
                                  UT2003\Textures\ DangerGirl_tex5.utx
                                  UT2003\Textures\ DangerGirl_tex6.utx

Authors                 : David "Frag Cow" Coen. UT Conversion by Scott A. H. Ruggels
Skin Authors 		: Malcolm Andrieshyn, Scott A. H. Ruggels, Mark "Makk" Rowan, "Demon Princess",                                                             David "Frag Cow" Coen.
Animations		: Default "FEMALE_A" animations from the game.
Sounds			:  Default Sounds from the game.
Email Address           : [email protected], (David Coen [email protected]
Website URL		: http://www.rdwarf.com/ruggels
Model description       :  This is a 2400 polygon model based on J. Scott Campbell's  Comic book character, Abbey Chase,                                       a.k.a. "Danger Girl".  The model is using  the default sounds and animations, and KAT  Collision                                     object from the default female from UT2K3.

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