Red red red.... Think spider man meets covert -ops. This is one scary dude. Wouldn't want to see him on the other side of my shock riffle.




this is my first/second skin skin, so please dont complain about how lame the quality is 
(changed version of my first skin).

*.utx files into /textures
*.upl files into /system

my favourite marvel character (also very unheard of) DEADPOOL, updated using the upaint textures
(i think it looks very OTT, but hey, why not)

to get the "bio" working ingame, please paste the following into your Xplayers.int file:

Deadpool=”Name: Wade Wilson, aka: Deadpool|Age: Unknown|Race: Human (weapon X modified)|Data:|Shrouded in stolen identities and clandestine secrets, the merc-with-a-mouth is a man of mystery. Hero? Villain? Sociopath? DEADPOOL makes his own rules and plays by nobody’s game. He is an agent of chaos confined to a world of constricting order!||”

this is the variance of this skin that I uploaded earlier, the first version, not deadpool2. 
This has some rather bright colours and jazzy effects that wouldn't look out of place in the tournament

until next time (a different character for the skin next time i promise, 
unless you guys tell me that i really need to make this deadpool look better)

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