Demonoid Basic Pack

Specially designed skinpack with just the skins included (read below)


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Specially designed skinpack with just the skins included (read below)

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                                         STOP!!  ATTENTION!!  STOP!!

         There are two versions of this skinpack!! This is the basic versions, it includes all the Demonoid skins with updates,
        and their biographies and nothing else.  This is the skinpack you want if you just want the skins and not the extras..
        If you would like to have some other goodies I created a superpack that includes wallpapers and the .ogg files after which
        all the Demonoids were named.

E-MAIL: [email protected]

EDITORS:  Upaint,UT 2003 Editor, Adobe Photshop.

  My wife: Its all done!!I'm all yours again.Thanks for your patience.
  My friends:  Xenocide,I couldn't have done it without ya! Thanks for everything.Your seat in Valhalla is reserved.
               Loric,Your skins are the best I've ever seen. YOur tutorials were a great help. Thanks!!!
               Chris,for the generous use of your website and for playtesting my stuff.You're my favorite brother. 
  My fellows:  Thank you all for downloading my skins and have fun yourself.


  1. All 4 Demonoid skins.
        Updates include:
        Bodyhammer: Team color support,Metallic shader applied to all chrome parts
        Digimortal: Team color support,Metallic shader applied to all chrome parts
        Edgecruusher: Team color support,Metallic shader applied to all chrome parts, exstensive reskin of the arms,
                      enhanced contrast on all black areas and added highlights.
        HurtConveyor: Team color support,Metallic shader applied to all chrome parts, slight improvements to mouth.

  2. Demonoid biographies.


   Well here it is, the culmination weeks of work and learning and thankfully a great deal of fun as well. All the skins in this pack
 have undergone extensive reworks and updates. I would really encourage anyone who likes any of the Demonoids to download this pack.
 All the skins in it are much improved over their original versions. You can remove any previous versions by opening your ut2003 
 folder,then opening the system folder and deleting the .upl file for the Demonoid in question (i.e. Edgecrusher.upl) ,then opening
 the texture folder and deleting the .utx file for the same Demonoid (i.e. Edgecrusher.utx).  I would install the new pack first just
 in case,then remove the originals.

  To install the Demonoid skinpack open your UT2003 folder then just drag and drop the Demonoids.upl file into the system
folder and the Demonoids.utx file into the texture folder.
  To install the biographies you must open the Demonoids Xplayers text document I included in this zip, right click on the text
 in the document and select all,then rt click again and choose copy.Now open your UT2003 system folder and rt click on the file
 called, choose open with and select notepad. Now scroll to the very bottom and go to the end of the last entry.
 Left click to place your cursor at the very end of the line.Now press enter on you keyboard, this will create a new line under
 all the previous entries. Finally Rt click and choose paste to paste the Demonoid info in the file. Now left click the file
 button and save your new file.  This is not as hard as it might seem but I would recommend backing up your file 
 before you start. Just in case.

 That's it you're done!!

  Please distribute all files in this pack freely in unmodified form and not for profit.

  Thanks for downloading my skins,

  Dru Tyson          

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