I love simple outdoor maps like this, don't see too many of these. It's simple yet very effective. Very well made and is a great map for...


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I love simple outdoor maps like this, don't see too many of these. It's simple yet very effective. Very well made and is a great map for any UT2K3 fan!

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Title                   :DM-1on1-Rivalry
Version                 :1.0 
Release Date            :12th October, 2003
Filename                :DM-1on1-Rivalry.ut2
Author(s)               :Chirs Blundell
Email Address 
website                 :

Where to get this map   : hosted at PlanetUnreal

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Playtesters             :CliffyB, Cooltonic, G30, Subtonic, Megatonic, Catatonic, The_Blob
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--- Play Information ---
Game                    :Unreal Tournament 2003/2004
Level Name              :DM-1on1-Rivalry
Single Player           :with bots

New Sounds              :No
New Textures            :No
New StaticMeshes/Models	:yes
NewUnrealScript         :No
HignDetail Settings	:yes (emitters and some decorative SMs)

Know bugs		:Some of the collision surfaces sit a little too high above the surface of
			 my custom SMs.  As much as I have tried to fix this, the probelm
			 persists - but it does not affect game play in any way (to my 
			 knowledge at least).
Recommended players     :2 to 4 players

--- Construction ---
Editor used             :UnrealED 3
Construction Time       :3 weeks 

*.ut2 file in the UT2003/Maps directory

Extended description:
Ultimately the tournament is about being the best - the pre-eminent player, superior 
to all others, unequalled in skill.  Now the time has come for you to prove that YOU 
are the best.  It is time for unrestrained rivalry!

Author's Notes
DM-1on1-Rivarly was designed with the intention of providing an open map suited to 
intense battles between two players.  Rather than the hide-and-seek, flinch-and-shoot 
gameplay common to one-on-one maps (not that there is anything wrong with that), I 
wanted to make a map where the players can see each other most of the time.  This 
makes DM-1on1-Rivarly similar in style to a rocket arena map.  It is for this reason 
that there are no instant hit weapons in this map – it would be way too easy for a 
hardcore player to own the map (therefore making for an uncompetitive match).

Instagib, low gravity and last man standing matches all work well with DM-1on1-Rivalry.  
It is also possible to play the map with up to four plays, but expect an intense and 
frantic experience. :-)

I made a conscious decision to cap the number of polygons and effects in this map to 
ensure a high frame rate on a wide range of UT2003-ready computers.  But at the same 
time, create a visually interesting environment.  If your computer runs the original 
UT2003 maps well, the DM-1on1-Rivalry should run at a good frame rate.  The emitters 
and some decorative static meshes have their bHighDetail set to true.  This means that 
if the world detail in game (Settings>Detail>World Detail) is set to normal, these items 
will not appear – further improving frame rate.

I am sure that someone will wonder about or question the validity of the lighting of this 
map.  From the beginning it was my intention to create a mid-day environment – full of 
light, thus making the opposing player easier to see.  As it turned out, the strong 
sunlight and the high ambient light settings helped reduce the frustrating shadows that 
SMs cast on terrain when the surfaces of these two objects are co-planar.  At the behest 
of one of my beta testers, I did trail a ‘sunrise/sunset’ lighting scheme – low angled 
light to create long shadows – but this only exacerbated border shadows between terrain 
and SMs. So the ‘mid-day’ lighting scheme stayed!

Please enjoy :D 

Copyright / Permissions
This level is copyright Chris Blundell. 2003

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.  Custom 
Scripts, Static Meshes and Textures may not be used without authors permission.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD
or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit

You MAY distribute this level through any electronic network (internet,
FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive


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