Top of a anntenae, one on one arena. To be reviewed....


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File Description

Top of a anntenae, one on one arena.

To be reviewed....

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Filename: DM-1on1-SkyRise
Version: 1
Author: James 'ReaveR' Espinoza
Release Date: June 23, 2003


I started this map a couple weeks ago. I made the entire layout in Maya and ported it over as a mesh (never again, lol)...I was thinking about scrapping the map because I could find no way to light it properly but took my time, went through some of the options and was able to workaround. So here it is...bots are pathed properly (recommend SuperBots 2.0), powers ups are to be found, enjoy the scenery, and keep on fraggin' ! :)

Damage Amp: Yes
Super Shield: Yes
Redeemer: Forget about it
Ion Painter: Nope


Type of File: Deathmatch
Custom Static Meshes: Yes
Custom Textures: No
Custom Animations: No
Custom Sounds: No
Custom Music: No


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