After trying this map I couldn't help but notice that it felt a lot like a Quake map, having checked the readme I see that I was right. Th...


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After trying this map I couldn't help but notice that it felt a lot like a Quake map, having checked the readme I see that I was right. This map is based off a map design that originated during the Quake years, and was referred to as the "Amok" class, which spawned a whole race of maps for Quake.

This map is nice because it doesn't follow the norms, but it's lack of design is... Well... Lacking? It's kind of an eye sore to look at, but it is a fun map to play, check it out and let us know what you think!

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The Amphitheater.
An Unreal Tournament 2003 DeathMatch Level by Tim Ellis (PURITy Kin).

Copy the file DM-M4-amphi.ut2 into the maps folder of your Unreal Tournament 2003 directory.
Genre of Map:

Small DeathMatch Dueling Map. Generally played for rocket aim practice or to kill time waiting for your next game to start at those big LANs.


I originally released Amphi on for id software’s 1996 classic game, Quake, in 2000 under the name AmoK. I never expected it to take off, but it did. It created a whole new style of FPS that only the QuakeWorld community seems to know about. Dmm4. DeathMatch Mode 4 is pretty much normal DM, except you start with 300 armor, 200 health, all weapons and full ammo. A little like RocketArena. Obviously in this case we wouldn’t include super weapons.
I’m a bit of a chump when it comes to Unrealed, I don’t really know what I’m doing most of the time, so I couldn’t figure out how to make the player start with all those things in UT2003, without causing a heap of other naughty, little  problems in the game.


This map is pretty much 3 small islands sitting in a big room ankle deep in lava. Right in the centre of the level is a fourth, bigger island. That’s pretty much it.
As I said, it can be fun just to kill time or tune your rocket skills.
Feel free to use the "arena" mutator to change the weapons to what ever you like.

When I released amphi for quake, a few people asked for a smaller version, so I plan to make a smaller version next, with link guns so players can practice there shaft skills.

Unique Features:

You read my readme? That deserves a pizza!

Problems with the map:

The Bots tend to runnoft into the lava every known and then in the middle of a skirmish. I cant do anything about it, its just the way they dodge. Playing against a Bot is nothing like the experance of playing against a human. but this map isnt ment to be all that serious anyway. its just a bit of fun or target practice.

Message From Tim:

If you live in a small country town like I do, and have to wait to play games with people every week at a mates LAN centre becouse Telstra dont believe in laying cables in our area (or building enouph cell phone towers for that matter), you play agaisnt Bots quite often. And if like me, your sick of the predicability of the Bots in UT2003, i Highly recomend Mysterial's ( Superbots mutator. The Superbots mutator is probably found here at Mysterials webspace at 


Prion and Dirtbox at for there help over the past few years.
Aaron for the testing.
Everyone at the Nali City Forums.
You, I owe you a pizza.

Previous Maps By PURITy Kin:
Quakeworld: Amphi, Under, Aqui.
Unreal Tournament 2003: DM-TIM-Q1DM4, DM-M4-AMPHI.

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