This is a map that takes place in the country side near a river, looks like old civil war-ish or something like that. With tattered american...


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This is a map that takes place in the country side near a river, looks like old civil war-ish or something like that. With tattered american flags blowing in the wind...

Watch out when getting into that canoe! (I think that's how you spell it...) You might get shot by an arrow!

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Title                   : DM-Colonial

Gametype		: UT2003 Deathmatch

Version                 : 1.0

Release Date            : November 2003

Filename                : DM-Colonial

Author                  : AngelHeart

Email			:

Description             : An 18th century colonial fortification


--- Play Information ---

Game                    : Unreal Tournament 2003
Level Name              : DM-Colonial
Botsupport 		: Yes
New Sounds              : Yes
New Graphics            : Yes

New StaticMeshes	: Yes




I watched Last of the Mohicans again recently and this is the result. 
Being much more open than many of my maps, it seems to play quite well.
I've been playing it with the Law dogs mod (
player models which look great in there :) Like always this is not laid out 
in standard DM fashion so it won't be for purists.Its a fun map for fun people,
kind of Achina out west :)
There are medbags for large health and Whisky jars for small health, oh , and 
watch out for those arrows :)
I couldn't find any suitable music so its best to switch it off to get the atmospheric drums ;)

my in game settings right now are
Gamma 1.10
brightness 50
contrast 50


Unzip the DM-Coloniall.ut2 file into your \Maps folder

Unzip the colonialmesh.usx file into your \StaticMeshes folder

Unzip the colonialtex.utx file into your \Textures folder

Unzip the colonialsnds.uax file into your \sounds folder

Copyright / Permissions

Please don't use ANYTHING from this Level without asking me first.

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