A modification of the map DM-Curse3 by Cliff Blesinzki/Chris Perna. This map is more open.

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A modification of the map DM-Curse3 by Cliff Blesinzki/Chris Perna. This map is more open.

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DM-Curse3-ZE (Zbro Edition)


Author: Noam 'Zbro' Ben-Ari (A modification of the map DM-Curse3 by Cliff Blesinzki/Chris Perna)

eMail Address:

Release Date: Friday, October 4, 2002

Last Update: Saturday, October 5, 2002

Version: 1.01

Credits: I want to thank all the guys in INA community forums that gave constructive feedback. This one is for you.

Other levels by author: DM-SuperMorbias, CTF-Command-ZE, CTF-Command-ZE101 (All these are UT maps).

Build Time: 2 days.


Author's Notes

Version 1.01 notes -

Due to feedback I decided put more work into the corridor below the Rocket Launcher and made it more 'Curse][-like'. I also fixed some textures and collison hull problems. There are 2 purple smoke clouds in mid air in one corridor, and 2 other green clouds inside a wall in another corridor, couldn't get rid of those for some reason :/. 

Version 1.00 notes -

- removed most of the narrow metal doorways that create the clastrophobic feeling. I left them at points where it was originally narrow in curse][ and also in the water projector area. 

- Removed collison hulls from walls in the LG area, to allow players to walk on the ledges like in Curse][. 

- Removed most of the terrain in the map, to create more space to move and dodge. Removed foliage because it didn't look right without the terrain. 

- Removed bricks static mesh that prevented entering the right window from the main corridor below flak. 

- Resized collison hulls that prevented the player from jumping on those big pipes coming out of the skull doorway. Now you can jump on them and double-jump from them to the metal bridge that leads to the secret room. 

- Removed some bricks static meshes in flak room, that prevented walking on the ledge near the stairs. 

- Other cosmetic changes (moved lights, added bricks, etc.) 

- I left the new minigun area untouched, because I think it adds another usefull route, and also the dragon heads, because they can be used to double-jump to the wooden bridge that leads to the minigun ammo (and they give such an awesome atmosphere!). 

I think this version is less spammy, gives the player more freedom of movement, revives most of the tricks that were possible in Curse][, and still retains the atmosphere of the original Curse3. I hope the guys complaining about the crampiness will like it.


Feedback can be sent to my mail or find me in IRC channel #vic.ut on Quakenet.


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