DM-DCI Invasion Mappack



The Dead Cat Invasion maps were created for individual use and for network play on dedicated servers. They are designed expressly for the UT2K3 Invasion game mode, but will also work in the Deathmatch and the Team Deathmatch modes as well. All eight of these levels are copyrighted by Epic Games and Toonces T. Cat, Balefire, and Hobi-Wan. They may not be used for any purpose other than game-play without the express consent of the copyright holders.

Each map has eight additional weapons built in that are usually not a part of Normal Weapons game-play. These include: the Super Shock Rifle, a Colt Peacemaker, an MP5 with Grenade Launcher, a Benneli Shotgun, the Fyrian Cannon, the PIC...or Personal Ion Cannon, Sentinel Deployer...which places either floor or ceiling mounted Sentry Guns much like those from the film Aliens, and the Sniper Rifle from the original Unreal Tournament.

Finally, the .ut2MOD file installs the Map Pack automatically, but there are many features involving the eight additional weapons which are fairly complex. To learn how to properly use the new weapons, please click on the Release Notes button when the installation is finished. You may also go into the UT2003Help directory and double-click on the file DCInvasionMaps.html at any time to get help.



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