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There are not that many differences from the original map to Deck16 Reloaded visually. However, some things are a little different when you...


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There are not that many differences from the original map to Deck16 Reloaded visually. However, some things are a little different when you get down to the really small details on this map. The Author has kept to the great layout of the original one faithfully and weapon placement is the exact as well. The map colors are bland and flat but hey, it's a remake of the first deck16 (which is bland and flat).

One of the noticeable differences is that the lift textures are not really a weave type or netted like the original and it is hard to see where the lift is...or if it is even a lift. You kind of just happened to be standing on it and it moves...woa! The crate textures from the UT version have been replaced with a tech style texture.

This map runs smoothly with the recommended amount of players (10 or less) but do beware… even though this map doesn’t have lots of eye candy it can run a slow on inferior machines and certainly with muts like gibalicious running, it can get sharp FPS drops. Bots played well with no problems and most importantly they did not seem to gravitate to any particular location or get stuck. Bots also used all weapons on the map equally.

If you want a map to play some old UT mappage on the new engine, I would recommend this. If you’re an eye candy person there may be something else out there for you.

*Note to author and future mappers, when making maps, make sure there are no spaces in the map name or the client cannot download it from the servers or a redirect.

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DM-Deck 16 [Reloaded]
File                    : DM-Deck16 [Reloaded]	
Author                  : Dennis "Rude Dude" Cahalane
Email                   :
Released                : June 12, 2003

Play Info
Single Player (Botmatch): Yes    
Deathmatch              : Yes
Known Problems          :
Where to play:          : 

Play Info
Editor used             : Unrealed30	
Build Time              : 

Place the DM-Deck16 [Reloaded] file in your \UT2003\maps directory.

Author's Notes
Original author  Elliot "Myscha" Cannon..
Hand rebuilt to match UT Deck 16. All is as was. Bots are pathed great and will provide to be a force hard to beat. Paths include damage and redeemer deck.

Other Maps by Author
UT maps:   DM-Mirror Mirror, DM-Pulp Friction, DM Desert Fortress

You may distribute this map via electronic means, providing that it is done so free
of charge and that this text file is also included unchanged.

You may not include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial or non-comercial product without permission from the author.  You may not mass distribute this level via any non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks. This map may not be used, in whole or in part, as the basis of another map, without the author's permission.

All other trademarks acknowledged.

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