This map is really one of the best I have seen in awhile. Lots of imported models and meshes that are custom. Textures are used well, and re...


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This map is really one of the best I have seen in awhile. Lots of imported models and meshes that are custom. Textures are used well, and really do not seem to skimp anywhere I could see. This is a smooth playing map if you have a rig that's decent, and you don't need a super machine to run it. You will however need to play this map a few spins before you get used to it's layout, but do not get too side tracked by the eyecandy or BOOM! Not a small map so get your pals together, you will need a good handfule to play (10 or more).

Great map and great job by the author...This one is staying on my hard drive:)


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			Release notes to version 1 Final

		    Official [Guardians Of The Dead] Clan Release 
Map Name:               GOTD-HeadQuarters
Supported Game Type(s): All Death Match related game types
Author:                 Paul "DarkMatrix" St-Aubin
Author E-mail:
Author Website:
Players:                8-12
Size (in MB):           17MB
UCC Size (in MB):       6MB
The GOTD clan's Head Quarters where established in a remote archipelago deep in the arctic in order to avoid prying eyes, shortly after the Liandri Tournaments collapsed. The outside doesn't say much apart from a tower and a bunch of fences, but deep down is a large high-tech complex, fully serviceable, with cold fusion reactors for power and an underground supply line to private supply stations to support the living quarters. Clan members live amongst the machinery and computers all day, until they are called out on the field, or go to another tournament. Lately it has let more and more outside activity in.
Unzip the package into: C:\*path to UT2003 folder*\UT2003\maps\
  (no extra files outside of MyLevel)
Author's Notes
An interesting and fun REALISTIC map; the elevators alone are worth the detour. This is my first map for UT2003 (I have made plenty more before for UT). I hope you enjoy it - after hours of painstaking designing and crashing. Although it's a clan map, anyone has the right to play it, as long as the originality of the file is not modified. BTW, there is only one way into the locked up armory - it's through a secret passage hidden inside the level!

Don't hesitate to send comments - as long as they are civilised.

Happy fragging!
Tools Used
Adobe PhotoShop 7
Testing Notes
Recommended: 1.5GHz Processor
             256MB RAM
             Second generation graphics card

FPS lowering parts of map: Outside facing base and security monitors in command center.
Tested for: DM, TDM, Invasion with all the popular mutators (including IG and low grav)
Known Issues: None
Known AI Issues: Bots may rarely get stuck in elevator. Recommended to play with more than 7.
Special Thanks
Dave "Mr3DMax" Wood, for providing those free excellent static meshes :)

Epic, Digital Extremes and Atari, for develeping and producing such a great game as UT2003

The people at UDN and infogrames forums for making the transition between UnrealED2 to 3 so much easier   

AcidWraith[GOTD] for BETA testing

And {R-C}Gusher for all those little green exit signs :)

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