DM- Hang em High



This is a nearly geometrically perfect recreation of Hang Em High from Halo1. I've worked on this map for over a year, going on and off really. I've played this map on Invasion with 32 bots and the carlauncher, throwing in a good 14 vehicals, and it still went smoothly. Optimization is even better with a natural amount of Distance Fog, allowing for that just right HeH look. It's been well played and well made, in my own opinion. Supports up to sixteen players by default, but feel free to throw in sixty. Expect a CTF Version coming soon, and when I learn more about the Editor, a VCTF, Double Dom, and BR version as well. Also in the near future, expect a Halo-UT compatible version, complete with Halo Weapons and Textures for the true experience.


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