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Simple design, apparently bot friendly.

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* File format : UT2003 Map             *
* Author      : Göran Wik              *
* Type        : DeathMatch             *
* Mutators    : LowGrav & ZoomInstaGib *
*                                      *

Hi My name is Göran Wik and i have just begin
using the UT2003 Editor.

I like using the mutators LowGrav & ZoomInstaGib, 
so thats why i do maps for them.

This is a small test mostly for the buildings.
The actions was quite hard when using 14 bots.

Installation :

The DM-highrise.ut2 goes to the maps directory.
The highrise.usx goes to the StaticMeshes directory.
The wiken.utx goes to the textures directory.

The two Jpg's is screenshots of the map.

Give me a short mail if you like it.
I will add more to the map later, but have a busy job.

Best Regards Wiken

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