A recreation of the level "Hive" in Alien versus Predator.


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A recreation of the level "Hive" in Alien versus Predator.

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Map Name: DM-Hive
Type: DeathMatch
Author: |ES|Kejim|BT|
Author E-mail:
Author Website:
Map make time: Roughly 3 days lol

Map Info
Basic Description: A recreation of the level "Hive" in Alien versus Predator. A very small map but it will do.

Recommended Players: 3-8

Special Features: Little skybox, pit of doom, cool lighting and textures.

Bot Support: Almost done

Map Quirks: The big adrenaline packets give more adrenaline, like 25.  But there aren't that many.  The super ion cannon painters are kinda hidden, but pretty easy to find.  The lightning is for looks, sorry it does not kill you. (It doesn't hit the ground that much anyways)

Performance: Very good
1.Copy the Hive.ut2 file into your maps folder
2. Copy the shiptex.utx file into your textures folder.


1) Try it with shield guns only (under arena weapons mutator, shield guns), it definitely gives a new dimension of play to the map :)

2) This level is pretty fun with insta-gib.

3) There is a secret, but its very hard to find. Good luck!

Special Thanks To
|ES|Woody|LDR| for giving me the idea and |ES|Pico|BT| for helping me arrange the static meshes.

Known bugs
1) The lifts the first time u use them open then close really fast, not sure why. 

2) It has no map intro. That requires a separate file, and im not doing that.  It does have a pic - though its low res.

If you have any questions, concerns, complaints please e-mail me at will be happy to answer!

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