Updated: - Corrected clipping problems around doors - Fixed a static mesh sticking up through the floor by the flak ammo

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Updated: - Corrected clipping problems around doors - Fixed a static mesh sticking up through the floor by the flak ammo

OH MY GOD, This map looks OUTSTNADING, If you told me this was made by Epic I would believe you, its looks better and more polished than some of the retail maps, a MUST have for any owner of this game!!!

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Download 'dm-hydrogeo][.zip' (3.51MB)

This is an original map by GOD__AM 

    Put the file DM-HydroGeo][.ut2 in the UnrealTournament2003 map directory.
    The map will be visible from the map list in the game.

Build time aproximately: 40+ Hours

Programs               : UnrealEd3.0   (only standard textures and meshes were used)
Bot Support            : Yes

Player Starts          : 8+

Power Ups              : 50 Shield
                       : 100 Shield
                       : Mega Health
Weapons                : All standard DeathMatch weapons

IonPainter             : No

Redeemer               : No

Send Bugs to           :

Changes                : Tweaked bot pathing around the Keg of Health (bots take it now)
                       : Added blocking volumes over the 100 Shield area
                       : Added Slime Gun to the Keg of Health area
                       : Changed name from GeoThermal to HydroGeo to avoid confusion with 
                         the CTF map of the same name
                       : Added emitters to simulate water leaks
                       : Added a prop at the bottom of the kill zone
                       : Aligned a few textures
Newest changes
                       : Corrected clipping problems around doors
                       : Fixed a static mesh sticking up through the floor by the flak ammo 

Existing bugs          : Some pickups on the top level don't make a pickup sound.
                         I've tried deleting them an adding them again but nothing seems                              to work.

Overview               : The map seems to run fine on my machine, but is very demanding due 
                         to the hi poly count....I tried it with 16 bots and the fps can 
                         drop below 30 in heavy combat but still remains playable. Hopefully 
                         Epic will address this problem in a future patch? 

Story                  : This is the worlds first underwater geothermal powerprocessing                               facility , because land based power facilies are tapped                                      out and the solar power plants are on very low production now with                           all the pollution and global warming effects. From the central                               chamber you can see through transparent supercompressed silicon to                           the haunting depths of water above you. The water pressure is so                             great on the exterior shell of the facility that it is impossible                            to keep it from leaking. There is dripping water and small flowing                           streams around that eventually all drain to the lower levels, which                          have 6 inces or a foot of water at any time. In order to stay ahead                          of this, we  have to channel all the leaks to a central                                      sub-corridor to be pumped back out of the facility with huge water                           compressors....dont get caught in the powerful and unforgiving                               propwash of these babies....
                         The smoking green carbon-sulfer lamps are the only current light                             technology available that work correctly under the immense                                   pressures at these depths, they put off a foul oder but you get                              used to it after a few weeks. They are also very bright, but at a                            trade-off of very high energy usage. During the hours of peak                                energy consumption by the world above, the carbon-sulfer lights                              will sometimes shut off for a while so that maximum energy pulse                             transfers can be maintained. The small biological blue lights, that                          are generously scattered around the facility, become the sole light                          source available during these times. They dont use any electricity,                          but they arent very bright either and it gets a little erie down                             here in the dark...its just something you never get used to.                                 Occassionaly the brilliant flash of the surface bound energy pulse                           transfers will scare you death too, they are kind of pretty once                             you get used to them, you can even see static discharges and                                 electric arches jumping across the metalic stucture for several                              seconds afterwards if you pay attention, but dont get too close,                             I've lost more than just a few forearm hairs after the release of                            one of those immence charges....     

                                                                      Story by,

Thanx to all the beta testers your comments and suggestions were a big help.

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