Small DM map in a castle type setting. The bricks coming out of the walls really add to this map. Great looking doorways and fun with bots...


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Small DM map in a castle type setting. The bricks coming out of the walls really add to this map. Great looking doorways and fun with bots.

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Title                   	: Jewel][
Filename                	: DM-Jewel][.ut2
Version                 	: 1.0		- 	October 2002.

Author                  	: Andy "Donka" Whiteford
Email Address           	:
Home Page			:

Description             	: An ancient abandoned, symmetrical construction with two high up walkways crossing over one long walkway lower down. There are two sets of internal corridors leading up to all walkways.

Other  UT2k3 Maps          	: A few UT maps. DM-Jewel (port)

Additional Credits to   	: Epic Megagames and Digital Extremes for the software delivered.
                          	  Everyone who has written some excellent Unrealed guides on the web. 

Tests by 			: Ejen Nordfors - Big thanks to you for all your input and testing.
					Forensic, Corporal Hicks.


* Play Information *

Game                    	: UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2003
Single Player           	: Yes
Team game               	: No
Domination game         	: No
Bombing Run	            	: No
Deathmatch              	: Yes
Player Load			: 2 - 4 (Designed for duels)
Difficulty Settings     	: No
New Sounds              	: No
New Graphics            	: No
Screenshots             	: Yes

* Construction *

Base                    	: Scratch
Build Time              	: About 10 hours.
Editor used             	: UnrealED 3
Known Issues              	: None

* How to use this level *

: Unzip the .ut2 file into the MAPS directory under the UT directory.   Start up UT and select Instant Action, deathmatch and select the map from the list.

* Author's notes *

Jewel built from scratch for the new engine in UT2003. Everything has been scaled up and made a bit more blocky and in your face. As usual, Bots rock in this map and I have added support for translocator if enabled but this isn't the best way to play 1 on 1. The lighting had to be adjusted to make it more gameplay friendly which effects the overall look of the map. I would have preferred it a little darker and moodier but gameplay comes first. If you don't like the lighting level, you can change it in UT. Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight? This is the map to test your skills. Small and tight and never far from the action! Hope you enjoy....

Shield - 50 points
Some health vials (well 8 just to keep you on your toes. This is 1 on 1, not last man standing!)

Rocket launcher
Shock Rifle
Link Gun

As usual, please feedback to me any comments and issues regarding this map. All comments are very welcome.
Hope you enjoy it.

* Copyright / Permissions *

This level is (c) by Andy Whiteford.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for 
money without my explicit permission!
If you want to use this level for anything or do anything with it, drop me an email first. You cannot replicate any part of 
this map without my prior consent.

You MAY distribute this package through any electronic network (internet, FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this 
file and leave the archive intact.


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