DM-Matrix ReBooted

=== A Map Review By :agent:Syphir=== === DM-MatrixRebooted...


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=== A Map Review By :agent:Syphir=== === DM-MatrixRebooted=== === Created By Parkis G===

There is no spoon, and there is no bots on this map. This map has an extremely well done atmosphere, but it was just way WAY too big. I found the redeemer, and searched the outside area for atleast three minutes and didn't find an artificial soul anywhere.

Texture Usage:

This map uses custom Matrix textures and the atmosphere in this map is extremely well done. However, since everything was so overly sized, the building textures were way undersized. But off of that, I found virtually no misalignments, overusage, or irrelevant usage.

Texture Usage: 8/10 Architecture:

This is iffy. I found some effects irrelevant, such as the wooden steps. But, it still had one hell of a feel. Nothing got in your way.

Architecture: 7/10 Layout:

Like I said previousely, way too big. I found myself lost often and could rarely find the weapon of my choice. And because of size I could never find a bot to kill. But the roof jumps, and the hidden cuts were a fantastic touch. But given the size, I don't think that just those two could save this score.

Layout: 3/10 Lighting:

Dull and dingy work, nothing was dynamic in this field. Although I have to admit, atleast it didn't use UNLIT textures.

Lighting: 8/10 Overall:

Textures: 8/10 Architecture: 7/10 Layout: 3/10 Lighting: 8/10 Weapon Usage: 5/10 Total: 31/50

38 - Okay

0-5 Terrible 6-10 Very Poor 11-15 Poor 16-20 Mediocer 21-25 Bad 26-30 So-So 31-35 Okay 36-40 Good 41-45 Fantastic 46-49 Ownage 50-50 Syphir's Ownage

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    What up homer

    thanks for downloading my level, hope you enjoy.

put    DM-MatrixRebooted.ut2   in   UT2003\maps  folder
       MatrixRebootedSong.ogg  in   UT2003\music folder

       ----Select under Deathmatch level----

       Try out the Skyscraper Matrix Jumps on top of the skyscrapers(12 Buildings in middle), 
       no need to press jump, just push forward and go.
       (try to keep it a strait forward jump, no angled matrix jumps allowed)

       Great for internet play.  Read Matrix Secrets file in the zip that this map came in.

       this is my seventh level for UT2003 
       check out my other levels  - Jumpin'Jillacurs, 420, Wicked_Complex, BorgShip
       ,Caverns of Epha Toth, Ice Cave Arena

       available at

       level designer - Parkis G :~)

       also since this level turned out to be very big, i will make another Matrix level


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