The latest map to have the coveted CliffyB 0wnage title bestowed upon it:

Best 0wnage map yet!

Rogelio has released hi...


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The latest map to have the coveted CliffyB 0wnage title bestowed upon it:

Best 0wnage map yet!

Rogelio has released his first UT2K3 map and it is a doozy. Custom static meshes and textures abound and help make one of the most visually compelling maps I've seen for UT2K3 yet.

The map manages to remain pretty while still maintaining some great old school style flow. Good Z axis fighting with multiple entry and exit points to every room add up to sure fire fun.

It is hard to explain the feeling that one has while playing this map. It almost feels like a spiritual successor to the Shane's original DM-Gothic...only, of course, with 10x more detail.

Great stuff!

Sometimes I agree with Cliff and sometimes I don't. This time I agree. It's a great map with good flow and at first glance, bots seem to handle it ok. Look for a further review in the future. ~Ghost Rider

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------------File Information------------------------------------------ 26/Jan/2003 --------- 
 Title                   : Nirvana][
 Game                    : Unreal Tournament 2003
 Game Type               : Deathmatch
 Filename                : DM-Nirvana][
 Level Author            : Rogelio "Desperado#2" Rogelio 
 Music Author            : PABLO DELGADO RODRIGUEZ []

 Homepage                : Http://
 Email Address           :

 Description             : Just some old hardcore 1 vs 1 with an interesting theme.  

In 2059 ORM Inc. found lost ruins in Siberia. This castle like construction baffled 
the historians for many years to come. But sadly the death-match games took it over. 
Players have heard faint groans,  could it be just the wind?  Or perhaps it is 
complaints from something far beyond us. 



 * Unzip DM-Nirvana][.ut2 to your UT2003\Maps directory. Go play.

------------Information----- ---------
 Single Player       : No
 Deathmatch          : Yes
 Capture the Flag    : No
 Double Domination   : No
 Bombing Run	     : No

 New Textures		: Yes
 New Sounds		: No
 New Static Meshes	: Yes
 New Music		: Yes 

 Build Time     : Alot of time...
 Ideal Number of Players     : 2-4


I love this new engine expect a lot of stuff coming from
me in the future :)

One thing I am not happy with... and blame me all you want np... 
I know it :) is that the FPS is bad on some lower end system :(

------------Other Releases------------------

Check my website :)

------------Special Thanks------------------

Music Guru (for his music in this level)

-PABLO DELGADO RODRIGUEZ [] "Guybrush Threepwood" 

-The whole Kamehan studio team 

-Epic and IFG for being good people

Beta testers  (IFG fourm aliases)

-Devastation 8 

Who ever I missed sorry :| if I missed any..

oh yeah :)

-My paret -My bird named “Chico” When in long 
rebuilds of the map I go and play with him.  
It is a cool bird. It can say it's own name, laugh, 
and scream like hell!  He is only 2 years old about 
and he is very smart… I wonder how far his speech 
can go… Just seeing if anybody reads this since 
I really do not think so :)


Copyright (c) 2000-2003 Rogelio Olguin

DM-Nirvana][ is NOT to be distributed in any form unless 
I have given permission to do so. Please e-mail me if you 
wish to add this to a magazine CD, mod, game, or anything.  
Feel free to ask me for permission.

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