DM-Sepukku Deathmatch

Looks pretty cool, stand by for a review in the future.


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Looks pretty cool, stand by for a review in the future.

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Sepukku Death Match                                       1.0
                                                - doodleWORKS

> NOTES -----------------------------------------------------
Sorry about the low quality screenshots. My jpg compression 
tool wants replacing. Also, I know it isn't original. I just 
liked Sepukku Gorge and figure it would make a good DM map. 
After a little work, I got the bots to move around instead of 
hanging around certain areas. That's a good thing for us ppl 
with bad connections. ;) Lastly, the map doesn't run at 
miserable frame rates.
Have fun, and TELL ME if there is problem. I'll check the 
comments on ut2003files. If I don't answer there, e-mail me. 
 - doodle

> FILE INFO -------------------------------------------------
Version           1.0
Player Support    4-10
Build Time        um, dunno
Compile Time      on this slow 500mhz PIII, several minutes
Bot Support       Yes
Author            converted by doodle

> FILE DESCRIPTION ------------------------------------------
After becoming home to the new Double Domination, it was 
realized that Sepukku Gorge held a promising layout for other 
kinds of competition.
Thus, after being replicated further down the same gorge, the 
forest of Sepukku has become home to Death Match.

> CHANGES, STUFF --------------------------------------------
Map is a DM, not DOM
Weapon placement/available weapons (also, no super weapons)
Bridge between existing arches above gorge
Funky new particle emitters
No adrenaline, new pickups
New platforms
Caves are now closed up
Deforestation (fewer trees in the way)
   - maby more - 
     NOTE: The screenshots displayed in the menu are 
           not original. They are from DOM-SepukkuGorge.
           Sorry, I'm lazy.

> INSTALLATION ----------------------------------------------
Extract "DM-SepukkuDeathMatch1.0.ut2" to your "\UT2003\maps" 

> CREDITS ---------------------------------------------------
Original Map        DOM-SepukkuGorge.ut2
Original Author     Juan Pancho 'XceptOne' Eekels
Conversion/Editing  doodle
ReadMe checking     Lumberjack Knight

> LAST FEW WORDS --------------------------------------------
My clan, Subsystem 13, might add a UT division. Currently we 
play EF, JK2, and MechWarrior. We are awaiting EF2.
 - [SS13]MCPO>doodle


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