DM-Shaded Valley

A lush green valley with 6 Bulldogs for your 4x4'ing pleasure. Oh yeah, there's a few hills to climb! So grab your beer and skittles and h...


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A lush green valley with 6 Bulldogs for your 4x4'ing pleasure. Oh yeah, there's a few hills to climb! So grab your beer and skittles and have a good 'ole time chasing down them poor suckers not fast enough to get their own Bulldog. Yeeeha! On another note though, it is possible to get your Bulldog stuck on some of the steeper terrain and since I can't seem to find a way of destroying a Bulldog, it gets stuck. There is also at least one place on the corner of one of the mountains that when I slid back down after losing forward motion, that my right rear tire got stuck and clipped below the level of the floor of the map. One other thing to note, the Bulldogs aren't true 4x4, when I got stuck, only the rear tires turned instead of all 4. But that is an issue with the Karma design of the Bulldog (made by Epic or DE) and not the fault of the author. I suspect there is a way to make a true 4x4 with power to all 4 wheels. -Ghost Rider

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DM-ShadedValley (Beta)		

A map for UT2003 by Tristan Griffith a.k.a. Giganerd
Map finished on 10-31-02
Apporximate build time: 12 hours

Place DM-ShadedValley into your ../UT2003/Maps folder and away you go!

*Note:  I would also recommend that you bind 'Use' to a key so that you don't have to stop and type in 'use' in the console when trying to enter or flip a Bulldog.  This can be done by opening up your User.ini in the ../UT2003/System folder and putting 'Use' (minus quotes) next to the key that you wish use for use (hehe).  Personally, I recommend the E key as it is right next to A and thus can be used without skipping a beat.

A rather large map consisting of a valley with two sizable hills.  Contains Bulldogs (max. 6) and could be considered a "Bulldog's playground."  Contains all weapons except the Ion Painter. 

Using map settings for bots works well (places 15 in the map).  Make sure you have plenty of bots becuase it is a large map.
If you plan on using the Bulldogs then you should place the bot level at least at Adept.  You can have a lot of fun with the Bulldogs in this map as there are bumps and stuff that you can do some wicked jumps and stuff on.
If you don't plan on using the Bulldogs then you may want to try it with the LowGrav mutator.  You can try Bulldogs with LowGrav but they don't handle very well.  Also, InstaGIB and ZoomInstaGIB are good mutators to use.
Team DeathMatch is pretty sweet with this map too so be sure to try that out.
This map is pretty versatile so you can try all sorts of mutators etc. and get good results, just make sure you have fun!

Contact and other info:
AIM: saxyboy85

Thanks to:
Epic, those who programmed UED (despite its tendency to crash), those at the forums, Warchild and his brother for testing, and anyone else who I forgot to mention.

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