An interesting concept, the fight takes place on an orbital station.

Poster's Note- This map is a resource hog, your FPS may drop dramati...


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An interesting concept, the fight takes place on an orbital station.

Poster's Note- This map is a resource hog, your FPS may drop dramatically.

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 DM-Spade - UT2003 Multiplayer Game Map

Title                   :Spade
Version                 :1.0
Size			:8,353 kb
Release Date            :Dec 16 02
Filename                :DM-Spade
Author[s]               :Bryan J Hernandez A.K.A DarkElf
Email Address 
website                 :N/A
Where to get this map   :http//

Other levels by author  :

UT2003			 DM-Fero

UT		         DM-Rage

***NOTE*** It has been a while since working on an unreal map- got some time to get back
to gaming and now my brother wants me to start making maps again. Well, this isn't a new map 
but has only been submitted to nali city. I figured I would send it to a couple of more
map sites... I hope you like it. =)

Additional Credits to   :None
Playtesters             :Myself and a bunch of StOOpid bots =P
--- Play Information ---
Game                    :UnrealTournament2003
Level Name              :Spade
Game Type		:DeathMatch
Single Player           :with bot support
Multiplayer             :with bot support

New Sounds              :No
New Textures            :No
New StaticMeshes/Models	:No
NewUnrealScript         :No

Known bugs              :None at this time
recommended players     :4-10

--- Construction ---
Editor used             :UNRealED 3.0
Other Programs Used     :
Construction Time       :3.0 week[s]

Extract DM-spade.ut2 file in your /maps directory.. Or just extract all file to your C:/ Drive with "Use Folder Names" checked.

Extended description:
 An experiment gone bad, project S.P.A.D.E. was closed down by our government after it was deemed unsafe to any who would dare work on the haunted space station. Tournament administraitors, always seeking to further widen the sport's popularity, quickly purchased the station, converting it to a death match arena. Now you stand within a dark corridor, low on ammo and running out of time. AND you have the strangest feeling that you are being watched...

DM-Spade was made for the to enter the map making contest hosted by Right now it's the morning of the 16th of dec ( the deadline is today) and I'm shocked that I actually finished the damn map! When you play it you'll see whay I'm cursing at it- took alot of sweat and blood to make LOL!!!! Hope you enjoy it! =)

ANOTHER THING- This is my first map where optimization took a major role ( that and remodeling the level 3 times to get the fps down- man was it bad on the first two versions!! (heh) So I did anitportals, texture merging and blocking volums- all in all you should fine the game runs pretty smooth. 

ANOTHER ANOTHER THING!! ( man I'm sleepy) Been up more than 24 hrs now trying to get this map done- I'm seeing things now... anyway- No time for a spelling check so EXCUSE MY DUMB ARSE FOR ALL THE SPELLING ERRORS ETC ETC!!!!!!!! Bah!

This map I dedicate to Insomniak, for his ( or her) great help on explaining anitportals to me! Thanks! 

Author's Notes
Bot pathing- They can do it!!!! Yep! They use ALL jumpers, gravity lifts, teleporters, and any other thing I could think of. Was hard to do and even though they do use all things in the map
some things they use way more than others... =P  .

Thanks to all you clowns at the Architectonic forums! What would I do without you guys?? ;)

Copyright / Permissions
This level is copyrighted by Bryan J Hernandez. 2002

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.  Custom 
Scripts and Textures may not be used without authors permission.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD
or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit

You MAY distribute this level through any electronic network (internet,
FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive

UNREAL (c)1998 Epic Megagames, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.  Distributed by
GT Interactive Software, Inc. under license.  UNREAL and the UNREAL logo are
registered trademarks of Epic Megagames, Inc. All other trademarks and trade
names are properties of their respective owners.

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