DM-The Shire (v2)

Hey cool a LOTR Map - For anybody who doesn't know, thats Lord of the Rings. Now for the film perfectionists, this map isn't for you, and...


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Hey cool a LOTR Map - For anybody who doesn't know, thats Lord of the Rings. Now for the film perfectionists, this map isn't for you, and people who download this map just because its from a film may be a little disappointed as it isnt picture-perfect with the films. However if you brush that aside you still have a very nice deathmatch map with some cool LOTR features, like the Sauron eye floating in the sky (Looks just a little to glassy though.). Sure mount Doom wasn't in view from the Shire in the films, and yes, the sky wasnt quite as red and fiery, but you get the LOTR impression overall.

The teleporters seemed ever so slightly tacky to me, floating squares aren't exactly the peak of digital effects, but at least the ringwraith sounds which go with it sound amazing :) I was wondering why this wasn't made into a CTF map, with a few alterations this map would be very well suited to CTF. The waterfall again isn't too stunning, but the little pools and hills do this map proud. There are also 2 little hobbit houses, Bag-End and a Bag-End lookalike (Supposed to be Sam's house from the films) Again, they look nice but not quie film precise, and the same can be said for the insides. However, I guess when its for UT2003 you kind of need all the floating powerups in there ;) OH, speaking of '2003. Make this for 2004! Seems to work well enough, but the weapons aren't quite right :)

So overall a nice map, if you want a spot-on replica this isn't the map you're looking for, but it's still a darn good place to kill each other in :)

~Szico VII~

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Unreal Tournament 2003 Map

Title                   : DM-Shire
Version                 : 1.00
Release Date            : Feb 1 2003
Filename                : DM-Shire.ut2
Author                  : Buckyfg
Email Address           :
Website			:

Other maps released     : CTF-Shire
                          DM-Phobos Cruiser

Recommended player 6-12

Content © 2003 (meaning you cant say you made this level, thats all. After all, I worked hard on it)

Thanks to all the INA forum members that have given me such a positive response to my first maps.

Loosely based on The Lord of the Rings!!!! , your in the Shire and Frodo and Sam are having a disput over a local maiden (I know :)), so they inlist us as their army to defend the homestead

Have fun and feel free to email me with any comments at , put DM-Shire in the header.

feel free to distribute this map. 
Please do not alter or change this map without asking my permission. 
as it will screw up the verions online if you try to change anything, even if its fooked somewhere just let it go man, let it go.

Authors may NOT:
Use this level as a base to build additional levels (you wont learn that way anyway), use it commercially in any way or use it as part of a mod release or map pack without my consent.
(I'm sure I'd let ya, just ask to make sure)


Level Name              : DM-Shire
Game Type               : DM
Bots                    : yes 
Multiplayer             : yes
custom Sounds           : yes, Soundtrack by PatientX "Distant land" page:                                                                    
custom Graphics         : yes, walls, grass, quite a few.


build time		: The Original CTF-version took A LONG time, hundreds of hours I presume

Unzip the file DM-Shire.ut2 into your UnrealTournament2003\maps directory,
Place the Distant-Land.ogg into the music folder
and choose instant action and DM-Shire or go online and find a server running the map.

I really hope you enjoy it, next up is BR-Contact

Happy fraggin

UNREAL (c)1998 Epic Megagames, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.  Distributed by
GT Software, Inc. under license.  UNREAL and the UNREAL logo are registered
trademarks of Epic Megagames, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are
properties of their respective owners.

                      = UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2003 =

 DATE OF README : 03-30-2004

      FILE NAME : DM-16_TheShire_v2.ut2
       MAP NAME : The Shire (Version 2)
   # of PLAYERS : Min= 10  |  Max= 16
  SETTING\THEME : The Shire !!!!


yes = SKYBOX = a few tweeks

no  = GEOMETRY =

yes = TERRAIN = reworked a bunch of the terrain

yes = FLUIDS = modified a few of the properties for the water


yes = ZONE ACTORS = (see fog)


yes = VOLUMES (Other) = had to modify several of the AntiPortals due
	changes in the terrain

yes = MOVERS = changed the way the "raft" moved

yes = STATIC MESHES = added lots more trees, boulders, etc

yes = MESH SKINS = reskinned the Weapon and Pickup Bases

no  = TEXTURES =

yes = EMITTERS = nearly all are new and a few of the originals (like the
	waterfall) were tweeked 

yes = SUNLIGHT = created all new

yes = LIGHTING = added lights to anywhere that looked too dark (in some
	places, simply for color effect)

yes = FOG = modified the fog properties


yes = STARTINGS LOC = all new locations

yes = PATHING = all new

yes = JUMPSPOTS = all new



yes = TELEPORTERS = all new

yes = TRIGGERS = (see below)

yes = AI SCRIPTS = created a whole bunch of "ScriptedTriggers" to set
	off SoundFX when you touch any WeaponBase, Pickup, and sometimes
	just a particular area

yes = WEAPONS = all new loactions

yes = AMMO = all new loactions

yes = POWERUPS = all new loactions

yes = SOUNDS = all new (some are custom made, some imported from other

yes = MUSIC = custom music "xx-KhazadDum"

yes = LEVEL INFO = changed the player count

yes = MAP DESCRIPTION = wrote a new description

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Addition Info :

A great big "THANK YOU" I send out to Buckyfg
(  (

If it weren't for him, this version of the map wouldn't exist.
And I send a 2nd "Thank You" for allowing me to post this new version.

When I first played the original version I got instantly hooked on it. Then I began messing with a few things (in the UED) that I wanted to have different. About 35 hours later.... it was almost like a new map.

Any questions, comments ?
Email me >
be sure to list the subject as "UT Maps" or something similar or your Email may be deleted as I thought it was spam mail....

To anyone who downloaded this version, I Thank You also... Enjoy!!!

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