This is a remake of Quake's Q1DM4 map, a very well made, and quite popular, map from Quake. This is an altered version, however, the origin...


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This is a remake of Quake's Q1DM4 map, a very well made, and quite popular, map from Quake. This is an altered version, however, the original remake of ths map being made by Wormslayer, this one's been altered by Tim and resubmitted.

This new version has had some of the bot paths altered to make them a little smarter, and has also had a few weapons relocated to speed things up.

However, the attitude of this guy is that he gets a majority of the credit for making this map, although all he did was edit something else someone else made (read the credits below), that alone doesn't get much praise from me.

=== A Map Review By :agent:Syphir=== === DM-TIM-Q1DM4=== === Created By Wormslayer, Edited by Tim ===

A remake of a classic Quake map, well recreated by Wormslayer and then edited by Tim. Although I do not even touch Quake, I do respect the maps that have been created for it. This, on the UT200X side, is a 1 vs 1 DM map, and I must say it is very well done. It takes the fast-paced approach while maintaining complex turns, lave pits and narrow walkways!

Texture Usage:

I must admit that the texture use is very dynamic and made the map extremely atmospheric. I found close to NO misalignments, and there are no pointless textures.

Texture Usage: 10/10 Architecture:

I enjoyed the arcitectural design in the map, such as the grate effect on the walkways, and the liquid effect on the teleporters. And best part, there wasn't a rediculous IN-YOUR face like alot of maps now days. There wasn't too much or too little effects in this map.

Architecture: 10/10 Layout:

As with a layout, this map is wIeRd. It is like a maze, and is very narrow. If you manage to get your greasy hands on a flak you could insantly own! But there are also lavapit-filled rooms, which are always intense!

Layout: 8/10 Lighting:

The lighting, although only three colors, is extremely dynamic and meshes well with the map. Purple blue and brown are quit effiecient in this map =)

Lighting: 8/10 Overall:

Textures: 10/10 Architecture: 10/10 Layout: 8/10 Lighting: 8/10 Weapon Usage: 6/10 Total: 43/50 42 - Fantastic

0-5 Terrible 6-10 Very Poor 11-15 Poor 16-20 Mediocre 21-25 Bad 26-30 So-So 31-35 Okay 36-40 Good 41-45 Fantastic 46-49 Ownage 50-50 Syphir's Ownage

Finishing Notes:

Although it's not my taste, it is definetly a great 1vs1 map. Worth the download for all Quake fans and veterans, and for all 1vs1 players out there!

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The Bad Place.
An Unreal Tournament 2003 DeathMatch Level by Tim Ellis

Copy the file DM-Tim-q1dm4.ut2 into the maps 
folder of your Unreal Tournament 2003 directory
Genre Of Map:

A remake Map, designed for fast 1 on 1 death match dueling.
History and description:

The Ornignal map was reliesed with Quake by id softwere in 1996.
This map was then reliesed by "" then edited by me without permission from wormslayer, but as he already stole the map from ID, i guess i dont need permission from him.

i just changed some bot paths, lighting, spawnpoints and weapon placements. using his orignal geomotery, so he still gets some credit there.
the changes ive made brings faster game play and better bot support. this is the first time ive ever used unrealed3, so excuse any sloppy jobs ive done, but i think its pretty good. more like the orignal now.
Unique Features:

Its better then DM-Q1dm4.

ID Softwere for so much fun on this map in quakeworld. for crappy remake.
::PURITy-Kin)- (me) for fixing it up good, all nice like.

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