In dodgeball, the ball is thown back and forth between the blue team and the red team. All players start in the playing area, the ball will...


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In dodgeball, the ball is thown back and forth between the blue team and the red team. All players start in the playing area, the ball will srat in the center. The objective is to pick up the ball and trhow it directly at the opponents. If the ball hits an opponent, the person will be killed and be transported to their Prison area, behind your team.

Once the opponent is in your Prison area, they can no longer die, but can be passed to, to try and hit your team. Once all players fro a team have been sent to the Prison area, 1 point is awarded to your team.

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Download '' (9.1MB)

DodgeBall V1.1 Patch Install guide


Just unzip the files to your UT2003 directory using the same directory structure.

Server admins add this line to your ut2003.ini:


Basic Mapping Guide
Use the DB_NormalPlayerStart in the play area and set teams (0 = red, 1 = blue).
Use the DB_CenterPlayerStart in the prison area and set teams (0 = red, 1 = blue).
Split the areas by using blockingvolumes that block the class DodgeBall_Pawn.
Add the DoB_BombSpawn for the ball and select the ball number in the properties.
Use the DoB_Volume to change the resettime of the ball when he enters it and
there are no prison players in the team you specified (0 = red, 1 = blue).

Rens2Sea - Coder & Mapper -
Chicken - WebMaster -
Bazzi - WebMaster -

Additional Credits
DeathBall -
Rage*NL* - Made the Eyeball, Globe, Party, Bricks and Smiley ballskins.
Chicken - Made the Lightning ballskin.
Rens2Sea - Made the Red Softball, 8 Ball and Dummy ballskins.

Official site with rules and downloads

Changes over DoB 1.0b

- Added option to lower health when you have the ball, you can choose Disabled, Normal, Fast, Insane and Instagib.
- Added MultiBalls. (1-5)
- Secondary fire of the shieldgun catches the ball, if caught, the shooter dies.
- Fixed: Players renerate health
- New map: DoB-Mini, a very small room for 1on1 games.
- Fixed the Accessed Nones in the log files.
- Added additional options into the F2 server info screen.
- Lowered the ball shoot speed for last player alive from 4000 to 3250.
- Ball model much higher polycount.
- Added skin chooser menu for ball.
- New gametype: DodgeBall FFA (Free For All), Plays like deathmatch but with balls instead of weapons and can be played on any map.
- Added Dynamic Damage System option for DoB-FFA, ball damage = ball speed

Changes over DoB 1.0

FIXED - Sometimes players don't die when being shot at, they just pick up the ball, and they can move. 
FIXED - It seems that if you kill a player with a direct shot, it says that you were fragged, and the other gets the points. 
FIXED - Ball doesn't reset after you volley it when a goal is made. 
FIXED - Points aren't correct 
FIXED - Scoretext is switches sometimes 
FIXED - Missing green trail on passballs

Changes over DoB 0.9
- Anti-Laming protection. If you suicide, you go to prison,
  if you are in prison and reconnect, you respawn back into prison.
- New ball model + skin.
- Green balltrail for neutral balls.
- Respawning is more random.
- Beacons work.
- Made radar menu smaller.
- No more Radars.
- Removed "you have no keeper"-icon.
- Removed the buggy "Instant Ownage" message.
- Removed the annoying music that plays when a goal is scored.
- Added a "boost-me" feature to the "pass-me" button, hold it if you want to get boosted.
- Removed the staticmesh below the ball.
- Changed the yellow/brown balltrail, when it is being passed, to another texture and made it smaller.
- More ball firepower for the last player alive of a team. (60% more)
- Scoreboard shows the letter "P" before the players name if the player is in prison.

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