DOM- Festive Worlds

This is a festive Double Domination map with many lights and other christmas related stuff. Dont be a scrooge, get it, show it off, merry ch...


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This is a festive Double Domination map with many lights and other christmas related stuff. Dont be a scrooge, get it, show it off, merry christmas!

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Reality Fakers Present

DOM-FestiveWorlds For Unreal Tournament 2003

Author: Paul 'Sharpfish' Timson ©2003

Title:  DOM-FestiveWorlds
Version:  1.00 
Last Update: 01 December, 2003  

eMail:  (latest contact address at website)
Author's Homepage: 

Credits:  ©2003 Paul Timson / Reality Fakers 

Other UT2003 Levels By Me:  





Play Information 

Game Type: DoubleDomination
Botmatch Support: Yes!
New Meshes: Yes
New Textures:  Yes (in map file)  
New Sounds:  No 
New Music:  Yes (My original custom ogg from festive ridge - didn`t have
time to record a new track this year)
Mods:  No  
Mutators:  No  


Base: CTF-FestiveWorlds (My CTF version - obviously) 
Build Time: 20 days (for original) + 2 days tweaking and testing for DOM

Recommended # of Players:  6-10
Editor(s) Used:  UnrealEd3.0, 3DSmax 5, Photoshop 7,Cubase SX (music)

Known Bugs: None.

There is still one glitch with the moving penguins in that they dont always
collide with a player stood in their path correctly (sometimes you will end
up ON the sleigh), Originally had imported simplified collision for it but
had a whole heap of problems with that ;) Its not a gameplay killer just a
small glitch that doesn`t actually do anything dangerous.

Author's Notes (from CTF version)

OK, firstly, there is a lot of stuff going on here so slow computers are
going to feel the strain, sorry, I have optimised all I can (hidden non seen
terrain triangles, added antiportals and zones, optimised meshes to the lowest
poly counts without loosing the feel I wanted, and added simplified collision
hulls in Max to the more intricate meshes. Originally the map was a LOT more
detailed, I had more detailed railings and structures, more trim on jettys and
ramps (hiding the minor lighting errors) but due to the layout of the map (a face style) that was a lot of stuff in view. 
One big antiportal in the Xmas tree couldn`t hide much either. BUt then this map 
was built for it`s theme rather than elite gameplay and I wanted to keep it true to
my vision. ;)

Also note ICE is *NOT* slippery. I tried it and due to the large area covered it hindered movement and became annoying.

You can turn off SNOW and SKY effects by lowering your details, and can also
turn off coronas.. on my low spec system (1ghz, gf4ti4200) it didn`t help greatly
so I leave them on for atmosphere. Be sure to turn them on to get the feel of the level.

Bots will play at average skill, as I said, I really ran out of time with this one
as I have realife™ to get on with between now and Xmas (or UT2k4). Play it for the theme, don`t expect amazing bots or performance and you wont be dissapointed.

note > This is the fixed version - complete with PENGUINS (they walked off in the
initial release cos they were cold)

*DOM ADDITION* -> Bot`s seem to defend better in this version, Sniping a lot more
from the base windows. 

Visit for more 2k3/2k4 map news.

Some tips:

.WIN!!! ;)

Copyright / Permissions 

This level is copyright by Paul 'Sharpfish' Timson ©2003. 

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels without explicit permission from the Original Author. *This also applies to Custom meshes*.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit permission! 

You MAY distribute this level through any electronic network (internet (web/ftp), FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive intact. 

UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2003 (c)2002 Epic Megagames, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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