Very nice model.~To be reviewed by the skin/model reviewing staff


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Very nice model.~To be reviewed by the skin/model reviewing staff

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Download 'ut2mdl-effigy.zip' (5.11MB)


Release Date: 	
14th July 2003

Bastiaan "SkullboX" Schravendeel - Concept, Model, Animations, Ragdoll, Importing

Jason "Dark Horizon" Sallenbach - Textures, Sounds

Bastiaan "SkullboX" Schravendeel - [email protected]

Jason "Dark Horizon" Sallenbach - [email protected]


Bastiaan "SkullboX" Schravendeel - http://www.planetquake.com/polycount/cottages/skullbox/

Jason "Dark Horizon" Sallenbach - N/A


Effigy is an original model, very much in the style of the cute Magdalena model I did together with Jason Sallenbach for Quake3. We both like that style and decided to create something in a similar style.

This design was so appealing to me due to it's awesome animation possibilities, the incredible long and very well deforming legs allowed a great amount of motion. The arms of the little guy - especially the shorter of the two - turned out to be a bit too short though.

It's definitely my best work to date, and I hope you'll agree.

The model support for UT2003 is very cool. I'd say good if it weren't for some choices on the side of the developers that really annoyed me in the process of making this model but overall it's a HUGE step up from quake3 - or any other game for that matter. Especialyl animation whise it's a treat to make custom content for this game.

Jason Sallenbach and I will definitely make another model for UT2003. The next will be something quite different in style from this one, but hopefully of an even higher quality. The one to follow the next is most likely to be a revision of the popular Magdalena Quake3 model, since we both look forward to redoing that with the option UT2003 offers.

Until then, we hope you enjoy this model. We've tried to add something to the game unlike anything that's available so far and we're very happy with the outcome.

If you want this model to have a short Bio to fill the void, add this line to the end of the file "\UT2003\system\xplayers.int"

Effigy="Name:  Effigy|Age:   4|Race:  Lost track||Data:|Take two sick minds and give them plenty of metal and organic material, and this will be the outcome.||"

Technical info:


Model Info:	

Vertices   	: 1612
Polygons      	: 3082 tris
Skins       	: rider.tga
Skeleton     	: Custom Max4 bone rig
Animation      	: All original
Kamma           : Custom Ragdoll
Sounds          : Custom sounds, no speech

Tools used:  	

Mesh			: 3D studio max 4
Mapping		 	: 3D Studio Max 4
Animation               : 3D Studio Max 4
Skins			: Photoshop 7.0
Sounds			: Goldwave
Exporting		: ActorX	
Ragdoll			: Karma Authorising Tool
Compiling and Tweaking  : UbrealEd 3.0 

Thanks to :

Everybody at Polycount, especially Rogue13 of course.
The UDN staff for making a site filled with great recsources.
Epic/Digital Extremes for making the game.
IanW, for making the template for this readme file.

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