Replaces the Redeemer and/or Ion Painter with a special limited ammo version of the Instagib Shock Rifle. The amount of ammo it comes with, the max ammo you can have, and its respawn time are all configurable in the Mutator Configuration menu. ALSO: It can be used by mapmakers to put the limited ammo version of the Instagib Shock Rifle in their maps. See the readme for details.



Electricity v1.1
Mutator and Map Pickup for UT2003
Created by Mysterial ([email protected])

To install, simply extract the .zip into your UT2003\System folder. 

Changes from v1.0
-Added option "Zoom Instagib Rifle" that allows you to have the zooming, shoot-through-people variant of the Instagib rifle.
-Fixed a bug that would prevent the mutator from working if the mapmaker did not use xWeaponBase to place the superweapon.

This packages serves two purposes.

First, it is a mutator that replaces the Redeemer and/or Ion Painter in a level with a limited ammo version of the Super Shock Rifle. How much ammo you get, the max ammo you can have, and the respawn time are all configurable via the Mutator Configuration menu.

Second, it is an item you can place in maps. For reasons unknown to me, some mapmakers think it is amusing to put in a Super Shock Rifle in normal weapons levels. To them I say, if you must do that, at least put this version that has limited ammo in your level instead, as you must know using the infinite ammo version is completely unbalanced and destroys any fun your level might have given. To put it in the level, either A) create an xWeaponBase and put 'Electricity.LimitedSuperShockRifle' as the WeaponType property, B) create an xPickupBase and put 'Electricity.LimitedSuperShockRiflePickup' as the PowerUp property, or C) you can load Electricity.u in UnrealEd and put in a LimitedSuperShockRiflePickup directly (note: Epic claims it is harder for the bots to find items without Bases, although I've seen nothing to confirm that). If you do place it in your map, you MUST include everything in this .zip with your map. Also note that the ammo and RespawnTime values will use either the default or whatever the server admin sets them to in the mutator config menu - any properties changed in UnrealEd will have no effect.

Finally, the weapon in this package is properly added to the weapon database. This means that you can set its priority like all the other weapons, and also any mutators that query the weapons database (such as my own Random Weapon Swap mutator) will be able to find and use it.

Feel free to send me comments, questions, and suggestions. My email is at the top of this file.

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