Enhanced Zoom Instagib Rifle

Includes an enhanced instagib rifile with some additional features. Read below..


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Includes an enhanced instagib rifile with some additional features. Read below..

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Download 'ezi1cmutator.zip' (55KB)

EZI (enhanced zoom instagibrifle) by nUTcase
changes over the standard zoom instagibrifle are;

1 No anoying static in the zoommode anymore(the distortion you see when zooming)
2 The instarifle now has an impactsound (its means you hear the beam impact in the area where you stand),this feature is
normally only on projectileclass weapons,i used a trick and we have an impactsound on the insta now.
3 when hit by the insta you will not only die the normal instadeath but you will first glow red,and then burn to death(yep thats
what plasma does to you lol).
4 other nice features.


first of all ,this mutator shows up as a regular zoominsta in the serverbrowser and in your mutatorlist
I did that to make sure all the insta freaks see the mutator even when they use the browserfilter. 

copy all the files into your systemfolder in ut2003 and choose it in the mutator menu,thats all.

only for admins;
add the line"serverpackages=ezi1c"to your "Engine.GameEngine"section in ut2003
and your set.
(in case people have problems connecting to your server its good to click
on the makemd5package.bat in your system folder,this is needed only once).

note ;
im working on the teamverion effects so teaminsta is supported but you wont see the blueteam effects yet


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