A trigun Colt45 longshot.

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trigun colt45 longshot


installation: place trigun.u and trigun.int into your ut2003\system dir

then... either pick the arena mutator, or the Trigun UT mutator (replaces the link gun)... if you'd like to use it on your server

go to your ut2003.ini in the system dir... find the places where it says ServerPackages=

and add: ServerPackages=Trigun


Vash's Modified Colt 45 Longshot
The AGL Arms .45 Long Colt (EF Auto Ejecting, Double Action) is Vash's weapon of choice. The reason for this probably has to do with it's extreme accuracy and power of the .45 long colt round. It's big, it's heavy, it's badass. Vash's gun is based on a normal revolver, most likely a colt python. The unique thing about this gun is the barrel, it's fires off the lower part of the cylinder (the barrel is underneath) 

Primary - Fire
Secondary - Melee

Trigun is licensed by Pioneer Entertainment. thus, no selling, etc of this stuff is going to happen. i just modelled the gun in likeness of the gun seen there. i am not to be held liable. you use this at your own risk. (not that it's faulty or anything =)

thanks http://sptrigun.tripod.com/ for having some cool images for me to model off of... and that profile too ^.^

also based the back end off the colt king cobra... in case you're wondering

have fun


questions? comments? visit my page for more files

[email protected]

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