Fast Show

A voice pack from a popular British comedy show. Please see the readme for more info.


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A voice pack from a popular British comedy show. Please see the readme for more info.

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Fast Show voices for UT 2003

The Fast Show(aka Brilliant!): a great British comedy sketch show.
A collection of all the favourite characters: 40 taunts, 5 acknowledgements, 6 friendly fires, a full set of orders and a few others. Even has a few short musical numbers.  Missing the CTF, DD and BR specific phrases.  

Also includes a portrait with descriptive text.

1. Place FastShow.u and FastShow.upl in your ut2003 system folder.
2. Place FastShowPortrait.utx in the textures folder.
3. Add the text from FastShow_description.txt to the end of your UT2003\System\ file.
4. Edit your user.ini file by changing your character name to Ralph as shown below. 


5. Edit FastShow.upl if you don’t like the skin ive chosen.

For online play the server admin must
1.  Put these files in their system and textures folders
2.  Edit the UT2003.ini file to include the new package (ServerPackages=FastShow in the [Engine.GameEngine] section)
3. Run the following command to rebuild your server's valid package list: UCC MASTERMD5 *.U (if using on patch 2136, run this command instead: UCC MASTERMD5 -c *.U)
4.  Restart the server

If you don't run the ucc mastermd5 command, servers with cheat/hack protection turned on will stop you from joining the server.  All sorts of bad things will happen, including corrupt connection messages (often seen only after the first game).  This is a standard restriction that affects all voice packs, unless the server has added the .u file AND rebuilt their master MD5 table.

Acknowledgements: many thanks go to Mike Spezzano for making all the sound clips available (,to Fraggin_Phun for the excellent voicepack tutorial and for the online play instructions ( and to ‘Flack Monkey’ Phil for beta testing.

Suit you sir!
Mike Shewry
30 December 2002

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