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This is an asian themed modification. What we are attempting to do is bring some martial arts flavor to a a wonderful, but hardly original g...


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File Description

This is an asian themed modification. What we are attempting to do is bring some martial arts flavor to a a wonderful, but hardly original game genre. What does that mean? This means we are going to try and create a whole new 3rd person experience and use modern Japan, China, and other locales as the backdrops for our gaming climate.

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Fatal Arts - A Total Conversion for Unreal Tournament 2003
Rick "Zarimax" Suter - Zarimax@aol.com
William "Scorpio911" Wheldon - fatalartist_911@hotmail.com

Beta Version 0.284

-New Fatal Arts Keybinding menu. You can choose to bind your attack height with your movement
or designate High, Mid, and Low keys. No matter what keys you use for your movement, you can
choose to bind your attack height to them. To use this feature, go to the controls tab on the settings

Beta Version 0.277

-Removed skill point death penalty
-Made ranks require more sucessfull hits/kills to achieve
-Using 'Heal' and 'Stamina' abilities now fully replenishes back to 100%
-Acrobatics and Speed upgrades made less extreme
-Fixed changing-stance-while-jumping bug
-Fixed bug where changes made to settings wouldn't save
-Splashscreen/mirrored character bugs fixed by updated texture pack

Installing and Running Fatal Arts
Unzip the zip file in your UT2003 directory. In your system
directory there will be a new .exe file called "Fatal Arts.exe"
Run this program and enjoy!

Current Key Setup - FA Specific Keys (Default)
UT2003 Walk Key - Hold to switch between Walk/Run
Speech Menu Key - Fatal Arts Speech Menu
Cycle through weapons - Cycle through Stances
1 - Defensive Stance
2 - Neutral Stance
3 - Aggressive Stance
Fire - Punch
Altfire - Kick

Your player has the following skills:

Acrobatics - adds more to your jumping ability.
Attack Strength - adds more to the amount of damage you do with every strike in an aggressive stance.
Blocking Skill - adds to your blocking effectiveness and the damage done in a defensive stance.
Speed Skill - adds to your speed.
Stealth Ability - Increases your ability to hide and assassinate.

You may spend skill points on the following abilities:

Assassinate - Snap the neck of an opponent who you've snuck up on. You must be hidden to assassinate.
Hide - Hides you from sight. If you attack or are attacked, you instantly become unhidden. You must be hidden to attempt
Heal - Restore 100 health
Meditate - Restore 100 stamina

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