Fire Pitt

A new version of a challenging map. As you can see from the pics, it's an all action map. Easy to see in, easy to get around in. Probabl...


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A new version of a challenging map. As you can see from the pics, it's an all action map. Easy to see in, easy to get around in. Probably pretty good for tournament and 1v1 use.

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Title                      : FirePitt
Date                     : Dec 23 2002
Filename              :
Version                 : Final
Author                  : Brad 'BLUES_MAN' Schlievert
Email Address     :
Home Page          : none                                   

Description: This will be my second map.The idea behind it's construction was to make a level with plenty of "z-axis"and I beleive I have done that. On the other hand, I also wanted it to be a fun map,with lots of jumping and sniping. You'll have to employ some skill to navagate the main rooms,and also in the various corridores. Narrow walkways, with lava traps beneath, help to make the levels playability all the more interesting.There are a lot of jump points to get around quickly. There is also an extensive bot pathing though out the level,so if you wanted to,you could use it in single player.
 Note...I have made a few modifications and touch ups to this map since I releaced the Beta1 test copy.I have changed a few of the walkways,and lined them up better.I also Made some mods to the bot pathings,so they are more spread out.I have also added a couple more weapon pick-ups in 2 of the adjacent rooms,as there was a long way to go from the spawn point to the first weapon.

Credits to: My Lovely and truly supportive wife,who proofed and playtested my level (she has an uncanny eye for finding anything out of place,truly a natural.)My lil bro and lil sis, for play testing. Architectonic, specifically the Capt. and Noc., for help in the forums and Nocs Tuitorials.

Build Time

Approximately five weeks

* Play Information *

Single Player           : Yes
Deathmatch              : Yes
Capture the Flag	: No
Double Domination	: No
Bombing Run	: No
New Textures	: No
New Sounds	: No
New Static Meshes	: No
New Music	: No

* Known bugs *

I found a bug,after installing the latest UT2003 patch,for what ever reason,the editor would freeze in play test mode,and when I tried to play it in the UT2003 game,it crashed to the desk top.I remedied the situation by removing the "in Level" bots that I placed in the beta 1 copy,and trimed some fat here and there.Now everything runs smoothly.


Unzip DM-FirePitt.ut2 to your UT2003 'Maps' directory

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