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In Flesh And Armor, every weapon is either an energy weapon or a kinetic weapon. Energy weapons can damage an opponent`s shield, but will no...


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In Flesh And Armor, every weapon is either an energy weapon or a kinetic weapon. Energy weapons can damage an opponent`s shield, but will not actually hurt him. Kinetic weapons can hurt an opponent, but they cannot penetrate his shield. Version 0.6 adds improved bot support, new effects, helper icons, and two new combo moves. Click here to Enlarge 7048.jpg

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Flesh And Armor
version 0.6 (beta)
Released 10/23/2002

by Rob "Sun Dog" Berry


Flesh And Armor is a mutator that changes the basic gameplay of UT2003 
by changing how weapons interact with the player's shield.

In Flesh And Armor, all players start out with a fully charged, special-
issue shield pack.  This shield pack is special in that only energy 
weapons can damage it.  It is completely impervious to damage from 
kinetic weapons, ie. those based on bullets, biogel, shrapnel, or 
explosives.  A shield with only a single hit point is capable of 
completely protecting a player from even a direct hit from a redeemer 
missile.  The shield pack has only one disadvantage-- once it has been 
reduced to zero hit points, it shorts out and cannot be recharged by 
grabbing shield pickups.  Don't let your shield get to zero!

There are two classes of weapons in Flesh And Armor, energy weapons and 
kinetic weapons.  Each class has its strengths and weaknesses.  Energy 
weapons can be used to damage an opponent's shield, but cannot do any 
actual physical harm.  Kinetic weapons are useless against shielded 
opponents, but are devastating against opponents whose shield packs have 
been destroyed. To kill an opponent, you must first use an energy weapon 
to short out his shield, then finish him off using a kinetic weapon.

Energy weapons include the Shield Gun, the Shock Rifle, the Link Gun, 
the Lightning Gun and the Ion Cannon.  Kinetic weapons include the 
Assault Rifle, the Biorifle, the Minigun, the Flak Cannon, the Rocket 
Launcher, and the Redeemer.  To help you keep track of which guns belong 
to which class, Flesh And Armor display helper icons in the HUD.  When 
holding an energy weapon, a lightning bolt icon will appear in the HUD, 
while holding a kinetc weapon will display a pistol icon.  In addition, 
a red slashed-circle icon will appear over your crosshairs if you are 
pointing at an opponent with the wrong sort of weapon.  When you see 
this symbol, you know you need to switch to a different class of weapon 

Flesh And Armor also adds two new combo moves, Shield Repair and EMP 
Burst.  Shield Repair (right-left-right-left) instantly boosts your 
shield pack to its maximum charge.  This is the only way (besides dying) 
to repair a shield pack once it has shorted out.  EMP Burst (left-right-
left-right) triggers a massive surge of electromagnetic energy that is 
similar to a blast from the Ion Cannon. It does no physical harm, but it 
shorts out the shield packs of anybody within the blast radius.  This 
includes you, so you shouldn't use it while your own shield is still 
intact unless you are desparate and/or there is a huge tactical 
advantage to be gained.


Version 0.6 contains several improvements to Flesh And Armor:

1. Bot support has been improved tremendously.  Bots will aggressively 
hunt for energy weapons after spawning in, switch weapons as appropriate 
when fighting, and run away when they don't have the right kind of 
weapon to deal with an opponent.

2. The HUD now features helper icons that show which type of weapon 
you're currently holding, and that warn you when you are attempting to 
engage an enemy with an inappropriate weapon.

3. When a shield pack shorts out, there is a shower of sparks and an 
electrical sound effect.  This makes it easier to tell when your 
opponent's shield pack (or yours!) has died.

4. Two new combo moves, Shield Repair and EMP Blast, have been added.


Copy the zipfile to your Unreal Tournament 2003 directory, then unzip 
it. Make sure you are in the root directory of your UT2003 installation. 
Do *NOT* install this in the System directory or it won't work.  When 
the zipfile is unzipped, FleshAndArmor.int and FleshAndArmor.u will be 
installed into the System directory, FleshAndArmorTextures.utx will be 
installed into the Textures directory, and readme_FleshAndArmor.txt will 
be installed into the Help directory.
Once installation is complete, start up Unreal Tournament 2003 and 
create a match.  In the Mutators section, add the "Flesh And Armor" 


You spawn in with the usual default weapons, the assault rifle and the 
shield gun.  After spawning in, look for an energy weapon first, as the 
shield gun is melee only.  Stock up on kinetic weapons later on.

Check your HUD's helper icons if you can't remember whether your current 
gun is an energy weapon or a kinetic weapon.  You can also remember 
which gun is which by remembering that energy weapons make pretty 
lights, while kinetic weapons do not. :-)

If you see the slashed-circle icon on your crosshairs while fighting an 
opponent, switch weapons immediately.  Remember to switch to a weapon 
that can actually hurt them-- an energy weapon if they are shielded, or 
a kinetic weapon if they are not.

When a shield pack shorts out, there is a shower of sparks and an 
"electrical" sound that plays.  Watch for these clues when fighting 
opponents, as they can tell you when you need to switch weapons.  And 
remember that if you hear the sound but don't see the sparks, it might 
be *your* shield pack that has shorted out, so check your HUD and be 
prepared to change tactics.

While shielded, you are impervious to splash damage from the Rocket 
Launcher, Biorifle and Flak Cannon, so don't be afraid to get up close 
and personal.  (But keep an eye on your shield-- you don't want to find 
your shield pack shorting out just as you release three cans of whoopass 
from your rocket launcher.

If your shield pack is dead and you have 100 Adrenaline points, you 
might want to use one of the new combo moves.  If you have a kinetic 
weapon and are near a large group of shielded opponents, consider using 
EMP Blast to short their shields out, then moving in for the multi-kill. 
If you are hurting badly and there are no health packs in sight, 
consider using Shield Repair to get your shield pack working again.

Speaking of combo moves, be aware that Booster can be used to recharge a 
partially damaged shield pack, but it will *not* recharge a shield pack 
that has already shorted out.  For that, you must use the Shield Repair 
combo move.

Superweapons are far less important in Flesh And Armor than in regular 
UT2003 matches.  This is because the Ion Cannon can no longer score any 
actual kills, and the Redeemer can only kill people who are unshielded. 
You may be better off ignoring the superweapons and focusing on keeping 
your arsenal of regular weapons well stocked.

Shields are color coded in team games.  If you're on blue team, shoot 
the guys with the red shields, and vice versa.

Weapons can still knock opponents around, even if they don't actually do 
damage.  If you're up against an unshielded opponent with nothing but a 
shock rifle, try using the primary fire to knock your opponent off a 
cliff or into lava.

Shields don't protect against telefrags, so if worse comes to worse, 
whip out your translocator and try to invade your opponent's personal 

Bots understand the rules of Flesh And Armor, so feel free to use Flesh 
And Armor in bot matches.


Flesh And Armor still has not yet been tested adequately in online 
matches.  I hope to remedy this within the next few weeks.  In the 
meantime, if you find any problems, please let me know.
Flesh And Armor will not work in conjunction with some weapon-related 
mutators.  This is because Flesh And Armor creates its own versions of 
the UT2003 weapons, and these weapons may not be recognized or treated 
properly by other weapons mutators.  Non-weapons mutators, such as Quad 
Jump or Floaty Cadavers or No Adrenaline, will work just fine.

Bots cannot use the new combo moves.
The shield textures are not very pretty.


This is a beta release.  If you encounter any bugs, or have any 
questions or suggestions, please mail them to sundog@nebulis.net.

Have fun!

Rob "Sun Dog" berry

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