Flock Gun

A new weapon with 'flocking' intelligence. It swarms towards your opponents when you fire it.

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A new weapon with 'flocking' intelligence. It swarms towards your opponents when you fire it.

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FlockGun - A mutator for Unreal Tournament 2003
Author: Jeff Wofford
Date:   November 8, 2002
Ver:    1.0
url:    http://www.jeffwofford.com/flockgun.html
email:  jeffwofford@yahoo.com

This software is (C) Copyright 2002 Jeff Wofford.

You may distribute the FlockGun.zip file freely, 
so long as it is unchanged and you make no charge.

The software is provided without support. Jeff
Wofford takes no legal responsibility for anything 
this software does or is used for.

The FlockGun is a mutator for Unreal Tournament 2003 which makes 
the LinkGun rather more interesting. The fire button shoots out 
LinkGun energy projectiles, but instead of travelling in a 
straight path, they behave like ravening birds. I've incorporated 
flocking AI into the projectiles. The result is a sight to behold.


1) Unzip FlockGun.zip to your UT2003/System directory.

2) Run UT2003.

3) When setting up a multiplayer or instant action game, switch
   to the "Mutators" tab and add the "Flock Gun" to the list of
   enabled mutators.

4) Play!

Any LinkGun pickup in existing maps will be converted to a
FlockGun pickup when this mutator is enabled.

Tips and Strategies

The alt fire sends out a "tracking beam" which the flock is 
attracted to. It also gives the flock a speed boost. The 
strategy here is: shoot out several projectiles, get a nice flock 
going, then send them racing toward your victim with the tracking 

Flock projectiles are green when they are not attacking you, and 
yellow when they are. Your own projectiles may even turn on you 
if they get bored. Don't fire your FlockGun while you're alone!

When a player dies, his flock dies. When an enemy flock is coming 
your way, you can either run, go invisible, or kill their creator. 
There's no other way of getting rid of the enemy projectiles. 
Running isn't a bad idea, actually - you can just outrun the 
flock unless they are actually being "targetted" at you.


The UT2003 console command "loaded" is ordinarily used to give
the player every weapon and full ammo. However, when the FlockGun
mutator is enabled, loaded will *NOT* give you a FlockGun, but a
bog standard old LinkGun. You must find a FlockGun pickup to
obtain a FlockGun. If you have both a LinkGun and a FlockGun, you
can swap between them by hitting the "5" key repeatedly.

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