Frag Ops Patch V.1.35

Changed: - Increased base player speed according to community feedback - Decreased sprint multiple according to community feedback - Slig...


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Changed: - Increased base player speed according to community feedback - Decreased sprint multiple according to community feedback - Slightly decreased rest time according to community feedback - Made automatics slightly easier to control according to community feedback - Adjusted default field of view - Removed unused "dodge" control from settings page - "Chat Font" setting in HUD menu now affects kill messages - Cleaned out unnecessary preround code - Adjusted some font positions to fit new small font - Updated FAMAS fire sound to sound more like a real 5.56mm cartridge weapon - FAMAS, AK103, XM8, MP7, TMP, MP5, AR70/90 all reduced by 1 damage point per bullet (more strategic firefights!) - Reduced ear-ringing sound from flashbangs

Fixed: - Retrieval objective non-working. Fixed. - Speech binds non-working. Fixed. - Strange lockups -- possibly fixed, working on it. - Karma crashes, fixed, to disable karma in next patch set your physics detail to medium or low -- this will avoid the wonky karma GPF's. - Kill message sometimes missing name. Fixed. - When escaping sometimes player couldn't move and gun disappeared. Fixed. - Invisible left-hand weapon in akimbo stuff. Fixed. - Player couldn't switch away from weapon immediately after draining magazine. Fixed. - Jump height and distance too low. Fixed. - Ladders are crappy and hard to use. Made them better, but still have problems. - Actions could be activated underwater. Fixed. - Swim speed too low. Fixed. - Team select menu crashes. Fixed. - Spectator cycling bug. Maybe fixed. - Gameplay stutters when player first appears on screen. Fixed by adjusting precache settings. - Holding primed grenade when new round starts results in losing both grenades. Fixed. - Player models were vertically stretched after import. Fixed. (now look a bit bulkier) - Incorrect team shown in "defected" messages. Fixed. - USP stock and taclight models played silenced sound in 3rd person. Fixed. - Dam water rush continued into next round. Fixed. - Game always said your team lost the match even when you didn't. Fixed. - Disabled taunting while firing - Tweaked network performance on 3rd person weapons to get rid of annoying fire sound/muzzle flash lag

Maps: - FO-MIS-Backdoor had layout update - FO-MIS-Dam, FO-MIS-Blizzard, FO-MIS-Backdoor, FO-MIS-Cargo had ladders tweaked for easier use (still suck tho) - FO-MIS-Blizzard had a bad antiportal. Should be fixed now. - FO-MIS-CrimsonSunset had an invisible blocking volume, now removed, collision on telephone lines, fixed. - FO-MIS-DownTownBank had several small meshes with collision, fixed, also removed collision on doorframe to stop people standing on it, and fixed invisible slope in filing room - FO-MIS-DesertRuins][ had several bad meshes, removed, one hillside reduced in size - FO-MIS-OpCan had unreachable ladders and ledges, fixed. - FO-MIS-ArcticShatter had some layout changes - FO-MIS-Initiative had spawn point changes and hole fixed - FO-MIS-MetroCity had lighting changes - FO-MIS-CrimsonSunset had a blocking volume stopping grenades, and a telephone wire with collision. Fixed. - Official support for FO-MIS-DesertCrossing is now dropped. (map scrapped) - Official support for FO-MIS-Resort is now dropped. (map scrapped)

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