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This is a total conversion mod for UT2003. It has just recently been named as a finalist in the Nvidia Make Something Unreal contest. Here...


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This is a total conversion mod for UT2003. It has just recently been named as a finalist in the Nvidia Make Something Unreal contest. Here are just some of the features:

Semi-Realistic: Gameplay is based on real-world events and environments, with some elements changed to make the game more fun.

Team-Based Play: Two teams, Mercenary and Special Ops, battle it out in real-world combat situations with unconventional weaponry.

RoundGame Gametype: When a player dies, he spectates until one side eliminates the other.

Mission Gametype: Similar to the RoundGame gametype, Mission gives teams a set criteria of objectives they must complete to win the round. Some missions will cause your team to forfeit the round if you don't complete them, so teamwork is a must.

Dynamic Movement: Players can crouch-roll or dive-roll to dodge or surprise enemies. Climbing will be later implemented in FO2k4.

Medal Bonuses: Medals are awarded to players for achieving certain hurdles. The bonuses they give range depending on difficulty, and can include cash, new attachments, or new attacks. Achieving some medals even allows you access to special weaponry!

Credit System: Credits are awarded for killing enemies, completing objectives, or achieving medals, and are used to purchase weaponry and other inventory items.

Weapon Management: 6 Seperate inventory slots exist in Frag.Ops -- Melee, Sidearm, Primary, Grenade, Misc #1, Misc #2. Sidearms also include machine pistols.

Weapon Attachment System: Every weapon can be upgraded with optional attachments, expanding functionality infinitely. You can even combine attachments and customize your weapons to your exact preference. There are already more than 200 possible loadout combinations!

Other Inventory Items: There are different grenades available as extra items, including High Explosive, Flashbangs, and Smokers. Other grenade types are planned but might not be completed before the first public version.

Melee and Hand-to-Hand: FO includes a complex melee attack system. The direction you swing/stab depends on the direction the mouse moves. Bladed weapons also use the Clash(tm) system, where well-timed swings and parries can block your opponent's attacks or even counter them, leaving him open for the kill. You can also fight it out with fists, using the same directional attack system.

Ragdoll Deaths: Player deaths will use the Karma engine, which causes dead bodies to react to the world in a very realistic way. Every weapon uses its own individual settings for kills, randomly chosen, so every death is different.

Dynamic Objects: Grenades can be deflected with gunfire, smacked away with melee weapons, or blown up if they take too much damage. This is just an example of many more dynamic objects to come.

Playing Environments: There are 6 official maps to get busy on, ranging from a twilight desert battle to a helicopter crash in a rainy city block.

This is a great mod. Check it out!

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Download 'fragopsv135setup.exe' (325.14MB)

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