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I started this map up, and realised how small it was for a deathball map - and I wondered, how the heck is this gonna be fun? But then the g...


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I started this map up, and realised how small it was for a deathball map - and I wondered, how the heck is this gonna be fun? But then the game started and I found out how fun this level is, especially with loads of bots. WARZONE! :) The spectators and the spectator stands look abysmal, and the arena walls aren't that great, but the rest is very good. The deathball goals are nicely done, and I always enjoy a snowy level at this time of year ;) I'm not sure if I should really be giving credit to BR-FragballStadium creator, but as I understand, this is a great improvement in terms of textures, and detail, as well as compatibility for lower-end computers. The one thing I wasn't sure about is that in main, this map only has one floor, apart from the little corridor in the middle, and there's not that much detail about the actual arena, just a few rocks and boulders. Nice map anyway, great fun.

~Szico VII~

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BR-DRD-FragballStadium Version 2 README
by Jonathan "Knives" Dantzler (for Clan DRD)

TO INSTALL: Place the .ut2 file in your UT2003/Maps folder

Thanks for downloading this map! Done as a request by SlipperyFrog|DRD|, this
map gives the ugly-as-hell BR-FragballStadium a nice, fresh makeover. The original
version was only put on the DRD server and never released publicly, but I decided
that I should release this version. Fixes include:

-The original skybox did not work online. It still doesn't, but instead of the weird skybox that occured in the original
version, this new one instead has a solid black color to minimize the annoyance.

-That annoying fog is gone. Thank God.

-The "cold mist" underground is now set to high world detail.

-Thanks to some nifty retexturing, the goal ramps are now made of ice. Also, the ice platform beneath the goal is always
fully seen now.

-The crowd is now set on high world detail to make this map even more performance friendly.

-There is now team-colored smoke coming up from the hole beneath the goal instead of a weird empty pit. The pit is still there,
of course, but it looks nicer now. There is also water at the bottom of the pit.

-Last but not least, there is now a level screenshot in the menu! God bless you, Photoshop CS!


-The entire DRD clan, Saratoga Sam, and ]v[CROM for feedback about the original

-Clan DRD for supporting me in my mapping efforts


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