Very nice skin. -To be reviewed by the skin review staff


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Very nice skin. -To be reviewed by the skin review staff

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Gunter Character Skin to be used for the MercMale, for Unreal Tournament 2003
Thank you for trying out this skin :)

Includes: base skin, red and blue team skins, for bright skins.

Author: Goran, ZTIGMATA a.k.a Geist a.k.a XORCIST in the servers.

Source Material(s): Brock, Widowmaker, Frostbite, Torch, and Wraith textures from UT2003.

Tools: Unreal Editor 3.0, Photoshop 7.0, and Upaint version 1.

METHOD and OTHER INFO: This is my third skin. The only new work I did was on the head texture, and tatoo on his arms. Since these werewolf soldiers are supposed to have simillar uniforms, I felt it wasn't nessessary to make any changes. As always, most of the credit should go to the artists of the original UT2003 textures. My contribution is minor.

Extract the Gunter.utx to your UT2003/Textures directory. Then extract the Gunter.upl to your UT2003/system folder. Now open the file called with a text editor, scroll down to the very bottom and add the following line of text exactly as it appears:

Gunter="Name:  G├╝nter|Age:   691|Race:  Werewolf||Data:|Calm under pressure, patiently disciplined, and rarely ever speaks. Gunter is an enigma. With his mystifying past, one clue could explain a portion of that period. The brutal scares on his face and back, reveal that his wounds must be from decades of cruel imprisonment, and agonizing torment. subsequently, it seems to have completely void his soul of any life. His motivation to endure? Unadulterated vengence.||"

OTHER WORK: Vladamir (skin)
            Nicholas (skin)

Thanks to all of those that made the creation of this skin possible.

Email:[email protected]

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