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A standardized and thourough set of scripts to use UT2k3 to benchmark a system. It includes a script to also specifically test the cpu....


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A standardized and thourough set of scripts to use UT2k3 to benchmark a system. It includes a script to also specifically test the cpu.

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Unreal Tournament 2003
(Full Version)
Benchmarking Script

Now for the needed Legal Crapola....

License and usage:

Use of this software by HardOCP.com is submitted to acceptance of all the terms of this License.  

This software is not sold, but only licensed. This software cannot be sold or included in any other program or commercial package. You may NOT alter, delete, or add any files in the distribution package. 

Disclaimer of warranty:

The software and accompanying written materials are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. The Licensee agrees that the Author shall not be liable for any incidental, indirect, special, or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, loss of profits, business interruption, loss of information, incurred by the Licensee or any third party, even if the author has been advised of the possibility of such damages. 

Upon using the software, the user agrees with the above statements. 

KB Networks, Inc. DBA HardOCP.com Copyright © 2002.  All rights reserved. 


These scripts were made ONLY for the UT2003 Full Version Game and currently only works in Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

Installation and Execution:

1.)  Unzip the folder anywhere on your computer. It does not matter where you put it, it will find the location to your Unreal Tournament 2003 installation. 

2.)  Open the folder. 

3.)  Double click the [H]ardOCP UT2K3 Benchmarker.exe 

(Note: You do need to have the CD1 in your drive to run the tests, this is a limitation of the game)

4.)  Select which resolution(s) you want to test. 

5.)  Click on which Quality Setting you want to test.

The benchmark will then begin to run through the tests. Seven maps will be tested in the High Quality and Low Quality setting. Depending on if you chose just one resolution or all resolutions the test could take a very long time to run. Thirty minutes to an hour to run one quality setting may not be uncommon if you choose All Resolutions, especially on a slow system. The CPU Test will run at 640x480 no matter what you have the resolution set to. It will only run one map, Inferno.

When the tests are done a pop up window will come up displaying the results for you. It will list the resolution and map name under the Level column. It will list Low FPS, Average FPS and High FPS for you for each test, just scroll down to see them all. If you wish to have a TXT file of these results you will find that in the main directory of the folder is a TXT file that has been created for whichever test you just ran. If you wish to save this TXT file it is important to do so immediately because as soon as you run the same quality setting again it will overwrite this TXT file. So you need to save it somewhere else if you want to save the results in the text file before you run the next test.

That is it in a nutshell!

Here is a more detailed explanation of what exactly the script is doing. When the EXE is first launched it will search for your location of Unreal Tournament 2003. When it finds it the buttons will then be available for you to control. When you press which quality setting you want to test the program will make a new directory under your UT2003 folder and copy our custom quality setting INI file into that folder. Then it will automatically run the tests one after the other without user intervention. After all tests have been run it will copy the corresponding quality setting results TXT file into the folder and generate a pop up window showing you those results. It will then clean up after itself and delete the custom INI file and folder from your UT2003 directory leaving it just like it was. 

With this utility you have 3 different tests, High Quality, Low Quality and a CPU Test. You can use each one accordingly combined with IQ features such as Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic filtering should test your system thoroughly with this game. This utility does only work in Windows 2000 and Windows XP at this current time. 

Complete Breakdown

I will break down here exactly what this script is doing for your reference.  

For the MaxDetail.ini under [D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice] I set DetailTexMipBias to -0.8 and DefaultTexMipBias to -0.8. I felt that slightly more aggressive LOD would both sharpen image quality and increase the demand slightly for the highest detail quality setting. Continuing under [D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice] I set UseTripleBuffering=True to enable triple buffering. And lastly I set UseCompressedLightmaps=False so that the lightmaps would be displayed more accuretly for the highest image quality detail setting. 

For the MinDetail.ini file I changed the following settings. Under [D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice] I set DetailTexMipBias to 0.8 and DefaultTexMipBias to 0.8. This positive LOD bias would give it a slightly more blurry texture but would help to increase performance. I also disabled triple buffering and set UseCompressedLightmaps=True.

We also included a CPU Test INI file that has lowered quality settings to test and compare CPU’s and Motherboards using Unreal Tournament 2003. Only one map was used, Inferno, and only at 640x480 resolution. We have also set all quality settings to their lowest and turned off detailed settings. The two main settings we have disabled to make sure the CPU is doing as much as possible is UseHardwareTL=False and UseHardwareVS=False. This will ensure the video card to have less effect on the games performance putting the entire burden on the CPU for comparison test.

We feel that our slight modifications represent a better highest quality setting and a better lowest quality setting for comparing video cards. Now we just have to tell the batch files to use our INI files instead of the built in ones. 

Instead of just running each batch file separately what we did was make just one batch file that included everything we need in it for that quality setting. This is the core of what our utility is made of. When you run the batch file it will first go to the registry to find the install path for UT2003. This way our program will work no matter where you have installed UT2K3, it can be on any drive in any folder. Because of the way our program reads the registry commands it currently only works in an NT environment for Windows 2000 and XP support only at this time. 

Here’s an example of our script to run one of the flyby tests:

“%UTLOC%\System\ut2003.exe" dm-antalus?game=engine.gameinfo exec=%UTLOC%\Benchmark\Stuff\flybyexec.txt -benchmark -seconds=77 -nosound ini=%UTLOC%\Benchmark\Custom_MaxDetail\Custom_MaxDetail.ini userini=%UTLOC%Benchmark\Stuff\MaxDetailUser.ini -1600x1200

%UTLOC% is simply our variable to describe where the path to UT2K3 is. You can see we are calling the same ut2003.exe file with the same execution of dm-antalus and engine.gameinfo. We are also executing the same flybyexec.txt file for those commands. The same –benchmark, -seconds and –nosound are also there. What is different about ours is the ini= line which is telling our scripts to use our Custom_MaxDetail.ini file that the batch file has copied into its own folder called Custom_MaxDetail. This way our INI file is not going to overwrite or mess up anything about your game of UT2K3! That is what makes this very safe; all of your settings in the game when you go to play it will be untouched. The -1600x1200 switch tells this flyby to run at 1600x1200 resolution. We have created 21 of these sets of code which will run through all seven maps in 3 different resolutions.

Happy Gaming!

Brent Justice aka [H]Drone
Vid Card Gawd
[H]ard|OCP : http://www.hardocp.com
Email :  [email protected]


“Please don’t edit the files yourself, especially the .ini files.  This will change the quality settings and fair comparisons will no longer be possible.  Any tweaks/comments/suggestions/flames should be directed to me and I will make appropriate changes and re-distribute”


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