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This voicepack is what we believe to be the FIRST voicepack created for UT 2003. Yes, you read this correctly, we have our...


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This voicepack is what we believe to be the FIRST!!! voicepack created for UT 2003. Yes, you read this correctly, we have our first voicepack for UT 2003 (YaY).

The readme file contains only part of the details on installation, so we are providing the link to the author's website so you can get the rest of the installation instructions and details.

We hope to see more people create voicepacks and send them in now that we have had our first submission of this type of file! Now go get busy... :P


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Download 'homerjay3.zip' (878KB)

Product    :	Homer Jay 3 Simpson Voice Pack
Version    :	1.3
Date       :    October 21, 2002
Author     :	Fraggin_Phun (originally by Homer_Stud)
UT2003     :    YES! Built and tested on UT2003_Build_[2002-09-19_17.26]

Send comments to: [email protected]
Original author's email (no idea if it still works): [email protected]

This is based on the original HomerJay Simposon Voice Pack version 1.00 by Homer_Stud.

I found that I couldn't access many of the voices hidden in the original voice pack, so I extracted them, and created a second, and now a third voice pack for variety.  Homer is great, can't get enough Homer sounds, so get the HomerJay3 voice pack!

This Voice Pack is also the first one that I know of for UT2003!  See the following URL for details on how it was created.


This Pack is more for DM than any other setting.  All sounds are currently TAUNTS, which makes it good for DM but bad for team based games (no orders or anything else).

- Put the HomerJay3.u and HomerJay3.upl files in your UT2003\System folder.
- Change your user.ini file to use the HomerJay3 character (Character=HomerJay3)

Remember though, you can't use a voice online unless the server you're playing on has it installed. The server admin must put these files in their system folder, and edit the UT2003.ini file to include the new package (ServerPackages=HomerJay3 in the [Engine.GameEngine] section).

Known bugs:  None that I know of.

This zip file containing the Homer Jay 3 Simpson voice package may be distributed freely as long as it remains intact and is not modified in any way. This README file must accompany the Voice Pack in the zip file.

You may not sell or make a profit from this package.

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