This mutator alters the way in which the Instagib rifle behaves. It attempts to give the same boosting effect, that you could use to your a...


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This mutator alters the way in which the Instagib rifle behaves. It attempts to give the same boosting effect, that you could use to your advantage in some maps, by launching teammates over the entire map with the Instagib Rifle. It also makes the appearance of the instagib rifle's blast a more UT style of explosion upon impact. The boosting effect is also configurable.

This doesn't replace the Instagib mutator though, so you'll need the Instagib mutator selected, including this one. It also removes the player ghost effect when players die. When striking a player, they'll either be gibbletized or simply dissapear.

Anyway, check it out, let us know what you think.

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>> InstaBoost Classic 1.0b by zOo team and clan iDA
>> Webpage:
>> Release date:  09.29.03
>> Author: Alex Avseev AKA {iDA}HogsWild
>> e-mail: [email protected]

   1. Introduction

   What does this mutator do?

1) This mutator does not replace original Instagib! Your server will be still 
visible in server browsers of those who set filters for instagib mutator only!

2) Adds "normal" boosting (when you hit your teammates you help them to move 
faster) like it was in classic UT. Also it spawns "hit shockbeam flare effect" 
when you hit your teammate (original instagib does not do that). 

3) Removed annoying "dying ghosts" i.e. ragdoll corpses and playing death. 
Death basically looks like it was in classic UT with lowgore setting.
Dead falling bodies should not bother you anymore.

   When you hit your enemy, it'll either get blown apart by explosion 
(with normal gore) or just disappear (my favorite with low gore).

   1st person playing death sequence remains the same, all respawn delays 
remain intact too. 

   Respawn protection works as usual.

   In addition I added explosion effect and hit sound similar to UTPure's
in classic UT. You can turn it off on server side.

4) Configurable (on/off) on server side: "double jumps", and "jumps after dodgin". 
By default they're on though. 

5) Shrank players hitbox... just kidding.  :)

   2. How to install

1. Unzip archive and put all files in System directory of your server (or 
your client).
2. In order to activate mutator on server side, you need to add following line to
your server ini file (UT2003.ini usually):

    Restart server and go to webadmin. You should see "Classic Instaboost mutator" 
in the list. Add it to the list of active mutators and restart level. 

    Attention! This mutator does not reaplce original Instagib, so you need to
keep standard Instagib mutator on! You can try to use this mutator in combinations
with other mutators, though I tested it only with instagib so far!

3. If you want to play Single player game with this mutator. You need just add this
mutator to your mutator list in "Instant action". It should be there after you put
all files into your game System directory.

That's it folks! :)

   3. INI file settings

bCanWallDodge=true;        // self explicable 
bCanDoubleJump=true;       //

bIsHitSound=true           // hit sound on/off
BoostMultiplier=2.5        // how strong boosting effect is 
                           // 2.5 is a default value (0 < Multiplier < 10)

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