Iron Wire Diablo



Another great skin created by Aidan Harris! Installation instructions seem a bit complicated (I think there are too many steps to get it to work) but give it a try and let us know how it works!

Sorry for no screenshot, this is another (sigh) file submitted with a .bmp image and I dont have Adobe installed right now so that I can convert it!




By: Aidan Harris ([email protected])
To install this skin save this file to a temp directory. 
then insert the third ut2003 cd and install Upaint.
Then unzip the file and then insert the other files (except the readme) into the characters directory inside Upaint.
Start Upaint then click on open.
click on Iron_wire_diablo.upp.
Then when the skin comes up click on file and then import character into unreal.
And you're done!

Some people don't know this but you can dodge off walls. to do this run and jump into a wall and then dodge away from when you're right up against it.
To get a more focused explosion with two or three rockets, hold down the primary and secondary fire button.The rockets will spin together instead of spreading out.

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