Really good looking MaleMerc, very good attention to detail. Overall, is a pretty decent skin!:)

The other author of this skin is Goran.


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Really good looking MaleMerc, very good attention to detail. Overall, is a pretty decent skin!:)

The other author of this skin is Goran.

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Download 'ivan.zip' (4.57MB)

Ivan Character Skin to be used for the MercMale, for Unreal Tournament 2003 or [2004?]
Thank you for trying out my skin :)

Includes: base skin, red and blue team skins, for bright skins.

Author: Goran, ZTIGMATA a.k.a Geist a.k.a XORCIST in the servers.

Source Material(s): various original ut2k3 textures.

Tools: Unreal Editor 3.0, Photoshop 7.0, and Upaint version 1.

METHOD and INFO: My Sixth skin. VNC stands for Vampire Nation Commando. It is not a clan tag or clan skin. Simply, it's his military unit. I used Cutting, pasting, brush work, modifing. This like the other skins I put togeter, is not originaly my own work, but rather the work of the original artist(s). For this skin I worked on the face myself (no modifing cutting or pasting), using the original romulus skin as a template.

For those who have been following the information/data for the wulfpack, will see that Ivan is the enemy Vladimir, and the others were looking for all this time. Ivan was not hired as originally thought, but rather created. Ivan was named after Dracula himself, as the greatest impailer that ever was. His violet skin tone is a side effect of the proceedure he went under to form a resistance to ultra violet radiation, that the vampires are so vulnerable to. In addition he's cocky, but very cunnilng. More than a match for all five members of the Wulfpack.
I don't have UT2004 so I don't know what is needed or if it would work on ut2004. I suppose it should right?

Hope you like the skin! :)

1.) Extract the VNC_Ivan.utx to your UT2003/Textures directory. 

2.) Then extract the vnc_ivan.upl to your UT2003/system folder. 

3.) Now open the file called xplayers.int with a text editor (Notepad or something), scroll down to the very bottom and add the following line of text exactly as it appears:

VNC_Ivan="Name:  Ivan|Age:   Unknown|Race:  Vampire||Data:|The Vampire-Nation Black Ops, and it's vast technological resources has successfully given rise to a new breed of vampire. A prototype day walker. Although he is not immune, Clearly Ivan is able to withstand extended durations in direct sunlight, before mild discomfort becomes a painful death. This poses a great threat to the Were-Nation. However, slaying this assassin may prove more difficult than the Wulfpack realized.||Ivan's final test was to infiltrate the Were-Nation underworld, assassinate the prince, and slip away undiscovered. The objective was a success, and Ivan has been eluding the wulfpack ever since, playing mind games. Apparently, resistance to sunlight is not the only enhanced attribute evident in this reborn vampire.||"

Thanks to all of those that made the creation of this skin possible.

My Email: [email protected]

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