Jason "Baseball Mask" Vorhees

Jason Vorhees from the Halloween movies. Very nicely done skin!


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Jason Vorhees from the Halloween movies. Very nicely done skin!

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Okay, the person who made this skin did a terrible job packing it up.  He left the whole thing as textures that UT2K3 can't use in their current form, and didn't bother including instructions, which really have me steamed over this.

However, for those of you who don't know what to do with these files, here's some simple instructions:

1.) Unzip the files into an easily accessable location, as long as you know where they are that's fine.

2.) You'll need to install Upaint, which comes with UT2K3.  To install it, simply put in Disc #3 of your UT2K3 disc set.  A prompt will come up asking if you want to look at the extras package, click Yes/Okay.  Look through the directories for Upaint in the list, should be easy to find.  Go into the directory, and run the installation program.

3.) Once Upaint is installed, load it from your Start Menu.  Click File, Open, find the directory you copied the Jason files to, and load up the only file that should come up in the list (UPP file).  Now just click File, Add Character to Unreal.

Now load up UT2K3, and the skin should show up in the list.  However, it probably won't show up in the 3D view to the right if you have it selected, it should work ingame though.

Let me know if anyone has any problems, but this should work.  Note that this process is used for any textures in this format, so if you happen across UPP and UPT files you know what to do with them.

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