Starry Might overworked Frosty´s Jufema. She added 4 teamcolors, a new portrait, a unique biography and did some improvements like changed LOD-Settings.



Jufema - Looks aren't everything, you know...
Original Author: frosty 
(SkinCity profile: http://skincity.beyondunreal.com/?section=author&action=show_infos&id=1)

Team Colors, Portrait, and Bio Credit: Starry Might

Model: Rylisa/Reinha (JuggFemaleA)

Team Colors: Yes (Red and Blue - optional Green and Gold TCs included in separate .utx file)

Date I Started Updating It: 12-15-05

Date I Completed It: 12-17-05

Building Time: 3 days in a row!

Programs Used: Ulead "PhotoImpact 6", Jasc/Corel "Paint Shop Pro 7", and UnrealEd

This skin is actually the creation of somebody else - a fellow who goes by the name of "frosty". When he first plugged this skin, I looked forward to it, since female Juggernaut skins are in VERY short supply, and I think all the models in "UT 2004" deserve some quality love from skinners. After a long time due to circumstances beyond frosty's control, he finally released the skin. Alas, the skin didn't have Team Colors (frosty has "UT 2003" and though he made TCs for her with the help of Klasnic's TC tutorial at SkinCity's Forums, he couldn't compile the texture file in UnrealEd without it crashing). After the skin was released, I volunteered in SkinCity's Forums to give Jufema Team Colors and rerelease her, and frosty happily granted me permission to do so. I wound up making a few more changes, too...

* If you have CTF4, it must be *AT LEAST* version for the Green and Gold Team Colors in the "Jufema2004_4teams.utx" file to work properly in-game!

* Here are all the updates I made to the original "Jufema" skin:

(1) Team Colors (THE BIG ONE)

(2) A unique Biography (penned by Yours Truly)

(3) A new Portrait

(4) The Body and Face textures' LOD settings have been set to "LOD_PlayerSkin".

(5) Added a "BotUse=1" line to the .upl.

* Unzip the Jufema2004.upl and Jufema2004Bio.int files into your System folder.

* Unzip the Jufema2004.utx file (and the Jufema2004_4teams.utx file if you want CTF4 compatibility) into your Textures folder.
Special Thanks:

* Kudos to Epic and Digital Extremes for making this 1337 game. (Heh-heh.)

* MAJOR kudos to frosty for letting me update this skin for him.

* Also, Kudos to my Dad for his feedback and suggestions, and for just being a great guy. (Here's to ya, Dad! ^_~)

* Finally, kudos to all the great guys and gals at SkinCity's Forums, too! (http://forums.beyondunreal.com/forumdisplay.php?f=421)
Boring Legal Crud:

The original skin is copyright 2005 frosty. 

"Unreal Tournament 2004" is copyright 2004 Digital Extremes and Epic Games. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Feel free to put this skin on your website for downloading by others, as long as you don't try to make money off of it.

Tiddy boom. ^_~

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