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Features a combo that enables you to have double damage,but however if you get killed you will explode.The new version includes more configu...


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Features a combo that enables you to have double damage,but however if you get killed you will explode.The new version includes more configurable options.-Recommended


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Filename: KamikazeCombo
Version: 2.0
Author: Alan Jones
Release Date: 21 June 2003


What is the Kamikaze Combo?
The combo to activate the Kamikaze combo is BBRR

What does it do?
Well it depends on your options
so I'll describe
the default behaviour first.

First thing it does is turn on double damage.
Second is that if you die while the combo is
active then you'll explode killing those around
you. The explosion is twice as powerful and
the radius twice as large as the redeemer
explosion - though it looks identical. When you
explode it does respect friendlyfire - so your
team mates won't get injured. While the combo
is active you will be damaged twice as easily
as usual.

The explosion occurs regardless of whether an
enemy kills you (a team mate even if friendly fire
is on) or if you kill yourself. So you can
kill yourself on purpose to take out a room of

It's been tested with most game types and no
problems have been found other than those
mentioned (all fixed) in the bugs section below.

Bot Functionality
Version 2 now has support for bots. While they are
able to use it this is done randomly when they call
for a combo. So it could replace any one they'd
usually use.

While I would have liked to make it more intelligent
it would have meant this mutator would have lost
compatibility with some other mutators, in particular

The situations in which the other combos are called
are all quite appropriate ones for using the Kamikaze
combo so they should still play well.

Combo Duration:
This one is fairly self explantory - you set it how
long you want the combo to last when it's activated.

Show skulls emissions:
When a player activates the combo they have skulls
all around them - like the plus symbols on Booster.
You can disable this - both on and off have
gameplay advantages.

Enable Double Damage:
This one decides whether or not double damage is 
active while the combo is.

Death Explosion Damage:
control the strength of the explosion upon death. The
explosion with be this many times the strength of a 
redeemer explosion.

Death Explosion Radius:
Controls the radius of the explosion upon death. The
explosion will be this many times the size of a
redeemer explosion. 

Hurt Multiple:
This affects how easily hurt you are. If set to zero then
you will still receive damage from yourself at the usual 

Health Cost:
The combo takes this amount of health from you over
its duration. This amount is capped - so if you pick up
more adrenline while it's active you won't continue losing
health once this amount has been taken. It doesn't affect
health lost throw shooting, falling etc. This setting is used
to put a health price on using the combo. It will not deplete
your health below one.

Suggested Configurations
The default of course, but here are a some others

Double Damage Combo:
By using the following settings you can convert it to solely
a double damage combo.

Combo Duration - anyting
Show Skull Emissions - off
Enable Double Damage - on
Death Explosion Damage - 0
Death Explosion Radius - 0
Hurt Multiple - 1
HealthCost - 0

Invulnerable Combo:

These settings would make you invulnerable for the
duration, but do nothing else.

Combo Duration - anyting
Show Skull Emissions - anything
Enable Double Damage - off
Death Explosion Damage - 0
Death Explosion Radius - 0
Hurt Multiple - 0
HealthCost - 0

While I have tried to make this bug free it is also my
first mutator. Don't let this scare you off though.

Thanks to Toonces T. Cat for finding out about the lack of
support of server configuration - this has been rectified and
it will now play online properly!

I found a bug whereby if you picked up adrenline while the
combo was active it failed to extend the double damage - this
is now fixed.

Feel free to report any bugs you find to me. Either via email 
to skyphyr_@hotmail.com or on MSN Messenger.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out - I hope
you find it a valuable addition to your mutator library.


Type of File: ut2mod
Custom Static Meshes: No
Custom Textures: Yes
Custom Animations: No
Custom Sounds: No
Custom Music: No


Bugs, Errors, Comments, Questions?
Send to: skyphyr_@hotmail.com

Website: none yet


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