This is one damn creepy looking alien (especially the face is scary) :p


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This is one damn creepy looking alien (especially the face is scary) :p

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KLAX - Skin For UT2003 By REPOMAN

Another Repoman skin For UT2003

KLAX is the brother of Gomek. Normally associated with space piracy and all
things illegal, he has found that there is much more profit and fun
to be had with the Tournament. Enhanced body plates and his own personal anti-grav belt.

Now this was a one off, as i aint too keen on the Alien charcayers in UT2K.Not that
they`re rubbish, just not my thing. Damn hard to skin too, as i found out. But was a nice learning 
process, and i got to use some textures i created in Bryce...which was nice....!
The head has major change, apart from the teeth,which i just enhanced a bit.
Hope you like this one. If its popular, then i may do another. Do you think is too "busy"?
Or is it ok?

Installation Instructions:-

Place the Klax.UPL file in  your UT2003 System Folder
Place the Klax.UTX file in your UT2003 Textures Folder

No bios as yet but i am working on it....

Programs i use for skinning.

Paint Shop Pro 7
Bryce (for textures only)
KPT 7 (plugin)
Eye Candy (plugin)
Flaming Pear (plugin)

Created By Repoman...feel free to distribute to whoever you like


Check out my skins at



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