MapVote400b11 !!

A map rotation mutation that allows the users to have alot of control of the game. Read below to install


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A map rotation mutation that allows the users to have alot of control of the game. Read below to install

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MapVote Version 4.00 beta 11 for Unreal Tournament 2003
Created By BDB (Bruce Bickar)

Please visit my web site
You can post questions, problem reports, and comments on the message board/forum.
Please check the message board for solutions to problems instead of emailing me directly.

Note: This version will ONLY work on a dedicated server (started from the command line) and SinglePlayer (InstantAction).
This Version Will NOT work correctly if used on a server started from within the game using the menus, sorry.

Installation instructions:
   1. Save, MapVote400b11.u, and MapVoteServer.bat in the \UT2003\System directory.

   2. Copy and paste these ini settings into your \UT2003\System\UT2003.ini (at the bottom)
; Note: the following GameConfig lines are just examples. You can remove any lines that you dont want or add any 
; new ones. See the instruction in the ReadMe.txt file for details.
GameConfig=(GameClass="XGame.xTeamGame",Prefix="DM",Acronym="TDM",GameName="Team DeathMatch",Mutators="",Options="")
GameConfig=(GameClass="XGame.xDoubleDom",Prefix="DOM",Acronym="DOM",GameName="Double Domination",Mutators="",Options="")
GameConfig=(GameClass="XGame.xCTFGame",Prefix="CTF",Acronym="CTF",GameName="Capture The Flag",Mutators="",Options="")
GameConfig=(GameClass="XGame.xBombingRun",Prefix="BR",Acronym="BR",GameName="Bombing Run",Mutators="",Options="")

; Note: MapListTypeLists are not needed if bUseMapList is set to False. They will be ignored.
; Also, if bUseMapList is set to True and there are no MapListTypeLists MapVote will load maps
; from the default maplists that belong to the GameTypes specified in the GameConfigs.
; The following are just examples and would not be used under this configuration.

   You can delete any "GameConfig" lines that you don't want. 
   See the "MapVote INI Settings explaination" section later in this document for details.

   3. Add "ServerPackages=MapVote400b11" to your UT2003.ini file in the "[Engine.GameEngine]" section.
   Example: (* Dont copy this section, yours may be different.)
   Note: if you had a previous version of MapVote installed be sure to reuse or delete the old ServerPackage entry.

4. Start the server from the command line. The mutator name is "MapVote400b11.MapVote"
   Windows Example: 
   ucc server CTF-Citadel.ut2?game=XGame.xCTFGame?mutator=MapVote400b11.MapVote
   Note: you can use the example batch file supplied. MapVoteServer.bat

   *** Linux server require the "-nohomedir" command line option to tell UT2003 to 
   look at the ini settings.
   Linux Example:
   ucc server CTF-Citadel.ut2?game=XGame.xCTFGame?mutator=MapVote400b11.MapVote -nohomedir

Upgrading from a previous version:
   - I would suggest deleting the old version. Delete the and MapVote400xx.U files. 
   - Edit the MapVoteHistory1.ini file and change [MapVote400xx.MapVoteHistory1] to [MapVote400b11.MapVoteHistory1].
     This will allow you to keep using the map history data from the previous version.
   - The GameConfig settings can be copied from the previous versions ini section, BUT the bUseMapList will be ignored
     and you need to add the Acronym setting to each.

MapVote INI Settings explaination:
   VoteTimeLimit - A number between 1 and 500. The number of seconds to allow for voting 
                   at the end of the game or after a Mid-Game vote. After this time limit
                   has been reached the votes are counted and the map with the highest score
                   wins. Default is 70

   ScoreBoardDelay - A number between 1 and 500. The number of seconds to delay before automatically
                     opening the voting window after the end of the current game is reached.
                     This time is given to the players so that they can look at the score board.
                     Default is 10.

   bAutoOpen - True or False. If true then the voting windows will be automatically opened at the end
               of each game. If False then the normal cycle maplist is used to select the next map.
               Players can initiat a Mid-Game vote only. They would have to open the voting window
               by pressing the MapVote HotKey. Default hotkey is the HOME key. This can be changed
               on the "Configuration" tab window.
               Default is True.

   MidGameVotePercent - A number between 1 and 100. The percentage of players that are required to
                        vote before a Mid-Game vote is initated. Set to 100 to virtually disable
                        Mid-Game voting by requiring all of the players to vote.
                        Default is 50. 
                        Note: Mid-Game Voting is semi-disabled if there are only have 2 
                        players unless both players vote.

   RepeatLimit - A number between 0 and the total number of maps on the server. 
                 The number of games to disabe voting for a map after it has been played.
                 Default is 4
                 Warning: Make sure the RepeatLimit is less than the total number of maps in the
                          First GameConfig list. 

   MapVoteHistoryType - The code class that manages the map history data.
                        This can be set to one of 10 settings.
                        The default is "MapVoteHistoryType=MapVote400b11.MapVoteHistory1"
                        MapVoteHistory1 will create a file in the system directory
                        named MapVoteHistory1.ini where the history data is stored. 
                        MapVoteHistory2 will create MapVoteHistory2.ini etc...
                        If you run more than one UT server session on the same physical server
                        then change this setting in each ini file so that each UT server session 
                        uses a different/unique MapVoteHistoryType. 

   MapListLoaderType - This is a pointer to a code file and code class that is to be used to 
                       load the maplist with mapnames.
                       MapVote400b10.DefaultMapListLoader is the default and should not be 
                       changes unless you know what you are doing.

   bScoreMode - True or False, Default is False. Setting this to True will give players move votes
                based on their score. Example: At the end of a DeathMatch game you have 10 frags and
                then you vote for DM-Phobos2 then it will place 10 votes for DM-Phobos2.
   bAccumulationMode - True or False, Default is False. Setting this to True will cause non-winning and
                       unused votes to carry over to the next game. If the map you voted for wins then 
                       you will not carry over votes to the next game. If the Map you voted for does NOT
                       win then the ammount of votes you currently have will carry over. 
                       Sorry, Currently MapVote does not have the ability to show you the ammount of
                       accumulated votes that you have. That will be added in a future version.

   bEliminationMode - True or False, Default is False. Setting this to True will disable voting for
                      previously played maps until there are only N enabled maps left in the map list.
                      N is MinMapCount (see below). 
                      This is accomplished by incrementing the RepeatLimit after each game.
                      You can use this mode to force players to play all the maps instead of just
                      the popular ones.
   DefaultGameConfig - (NEW in version b11) - A number from 0 to the number of GameConfig lines - 1. 
                       This is an index number that tells MapVote which GameConfig to use when all of
                       the players leave the game. This is only used if bDefaultToCurrentGameType is 
                       set to False, otherwise it is ignored. The index starts at 0, so the first GameConfig
                       line in you ini file would be 0, the next would be 1 and so on.
   bDefaultToCurrentGameType -(NEW in version b11) - True/False. If set to True MapVote will stay on 
                 the current GameType (GameConfig) when all players leave the server and it switches 
                 to a random map. The random map will be one that has a prefix in the GameConfig.Prefix.
                 Set to False and it will switch to the DefaultGameConfig (above).     

   MinMapCount - A numeric value from 1 to the total number of maps the server. This option is only 
                 applicable when bEliminationMode is set to True. It represents the minimum number of 
                 enabled maps that will trigger an Elimination Mode MapList Reset.
                 Elimination Mode Maplist Reset is when the all of the maps in the maps list are 
                 reenabled for voting. (see bEliminationMode description also)

   bKickVote - True or False, Default is True. 
               True = Allow players to place kick votes against other players.
               False = Do not allow players to place kick votes against other players.
   KickPercent - A numeric value from 1 to 100. Default is 50. The percentage of players that are 
                 required to place kick votes against one player before that player is kicked from 
                 the server. 
   bAnonymousKicking - True or False, Default is True.
                       True = Does Not includes the Voters name in the broadcasted kick vote message.
                              Ex. A Kick Vote has been placed against PlayerB  
                       False = Includes the Voters name in the broadcasted kick vote message. 
                              Ex. PlayerA has placed a kick vote against PlayerB
   bRestartWithLastMap - True or False, Default is False.
                         True = When the server is restarted it will automatically switch to the last 
                                played map.
                         False = when the server is restarted it will not switch to the last played map.
GameConfig settings explaination:
   Note: You can add an infinite number of GameConfig lines in you ini file.  

   GameClass - This is the name of the package and the name the game class 
               separated by a period. Example: "XGame.xCTFGame".  

               Here are the out-of-the-box game classes:
                 DeathMatch is "XGame.xDeathMatch"
                 Team DeathMatch is "XGame.xTeamGame"
                 Double Domiation is "XGame.xDoubleDom"
                 Capture The Flag is "XGame.xCTFGame"
                 Bombing Run is "XGame.xBombingRun"

               For new games/Mods the gameclass can be found in the *.int file that comes 
               with it. Look for something similar to this: 
               This Example is from the
               Object=(Class=Class,MetaClass=Engine.GameInfo,Name=DeathBall.DB_Deathball,Description="DB|Deathball V1.3b|Deathball.DB_RulesTab|Deathball.DB_MapList|true")
               Example DeathBall GameConfig:

   Prefix - The MapName Prefixes to associate with this gametype. If you want to list more than one separate each with a 
            comma. This tells MapVote which maps to load in the maplist for this gametype. 
            example: "CTF,DM,DOM,BR" 

   Acronym - Short text acronym or abreviation that will be appended to map names in messages to help identify 
             game type for map. Example: Acronym=MUT - "JoePlayer voted for DM-MapName(MUT)"

   GameName - This is the name or title of the game type. For example: "Capture The Flag".
              Note: You can make this anything you like. Example: "Dont Touch My Flag" or "CTF with InstaGib & BigHeads" 

   Mutators - List of Mutators to load with this game type. If more than one separate each
              with a comma.
              Example: "MapVote400b11.MapVote,XGame.MutInstaGib,UnrealGame.MutBigHead,UnrealGame.MutLowGrav"
              If this is set blank ("") then only the current mutators are loaded.
              WARNING: If you set mutators for any GameConfig you MUST include the base mutators 
                       in ALL of the GameConfigs. This does NOT includes MapVote, it will be added automatically.
                       If you leave all of them blank then the base mutators will stay.

              Mutators available out of the box - UnrealGame.MutBigHead

   Options - List of Game configuration Options. If more than one separate each with a "?".
             Example: "WeaponStay=True?Translocator=True?TimeLimit=5"

             Some GameOptions available (Note: this is an incomplete list) - 
                  GameSpeed, AccessControl, AdminName, AdminPassword,
                  GameRules, GamePassword, AllowThrowing, AllowBehindview, 
                  GameStats, DemoRec, Translocator, bAutoNumBots, AutoAdjust
                  PlayersMustBeReady, DMTeam, WeaponStay, QuickStart, RedTeamAI
                  BlueTeamAI, RedTeam, BlueTeam, RedTeamSymbol, BlueTeamSymbol
                  FF, FriendlyFireScale, BalanceTeams

   Example GameConfig:
   GameConfig=(GameClass="XGame.xCTFGame",Prefix="CTF",Acronym="CTF",GameName="Dont Touch My Flag",Mutators="MapVote400b10.MapVote,KickIdlersUT2003V1b.KickIdlers",Options="WeaponStay=True?Translocator=True?TimeLimit=15")
   GameConfig=(GameClass="XGame.xCTFGame",Prefix="CTF",Acronym="CTF",GameName="CTF LowGrav/InstaGib",Mutators="MapVote400b10.MapVote,KickIdlersUT2003V1b.KickIdlers,XGame.MutInstaGib,UnrealGame.MutBigHead,UnrealGame.MutLowGrav",Options="Translocator=False?TimeLimit=5")

   GameConfig=(GameClass="XGame.xBombingRun",Prefix="BR",Acronym="BR",GameName="Bombing Run",Mutators="MapVote400b10.MapVote,KickIdlersUT2003V1b.KickIdlers",Options="")
   GameConfig=(GameClass="XGame.xBombingRun",Prefix="BR",Acronym="BR",GameName="BR LowGrav/InstaGib",Mutators="MapVote400b10.MapVote,KickIdlersUT2003V1b.KickIdlers,XGame.MutInstaGib,UnrealGame.MutBigHead,UnrealGame.MutLowGrav",Options="")

Default Map List Loader INI Explaination: [MapVote400b11.DefaultMapListLoader] Section



   bUseMapList - True or False. If True then the map names are loaded from the
                 MapList that is in the UT2003 ini file. If you configure any "MapListTypeList" settings
                 then it will load from those specific maplists, if not then it will load from the
                 maplists that are associated with each gametype that you configured in the GameConfig
                 settings. (Example: CTF would use the XInterface.MapListCaptureTheFlag maplist.)
                 If False then all available maps (that have the specified Prefixes) are loaded. 
                 Example: If the game type is CTF and bUseMapList is True then map names 
                 will be loaded for this: (if this was your servers ini file)
   MapNamePrefixes - List of Map Prefixes to use to filter the maps in the maps directory when loading
                     map names into the mapvote maplist. This is ignored when bUseMapList is True

   MapListTypeList - Name of a map list to read map names from. This is ignored if bUseMapList is False.
                     To list more than one repeat the line. See example above.
                     UT2003 MapLists:
                     - XInterface.MapListDeathMatch
                     - XInterface.MapListTeamDeathMatch
                     - XInterface.MapListCaptureTheFlag
                     - XInterface.MapListDoubleDomination
                     - XInterface.MapListBombingRun

MapVote Hot-Key setting:
   A MapVote Hot-Key is a key on your keyboard that you can press that will open the voting window.
   The Default MapVote Hot-Key will show on your HUD when you join the server (bottom left). If you
   have not configured a key then it will choose one that is not in use.
   If the HOME key is not in use then it will be used first, otherwise it searches the alphabetic
   keys (A,B,C,D,E,F,etc...) util it finds an unused one. If there are no unused keys then you
   will have to use the "mutate mapvote menu" console command to open the voting window.

   The current MapVote Hot-Key setting will be displayed to the left of the 
   players HUD (just above the MapVote Logo) for 10 seconds after joining the server
   as a reminder.

   You can change the Hot-Key in the MapVote window in the "Configuration" Tab.
   Just select the key you want to use by scrolling the list and clicking the 
   key you want. Also pressing the desired keyboard key it will auto-select that key
   in the list.
   Then click the "Set/Save" button.
   The HotKey setting is written to your \UT2003\System\User.ini file:

   Note: As a safty precaution, you can not set a key that is already registered (bound)
   to another function. (The key bind must be blank).
   This was done because too many players accidentally bound the hotkey to a key that was
   used for some other critical function and then they blamed MapVote because it no longer 

   You can also modify the HotKey setting by editing your User.ini file (when UT2003 is not running):
   (Note: It is NOT required to edit your user.ini file to change the hotkey, use the Config window.)

   Replace <KeyName> with one of these values below:
    IK_MiddleMouse IK_Backspace    IK_Tab         IK_Enter        IK_Shift       IK_Ctrl        IK_Alt         IK_Pause       
    IK_CapsLock    IK_Space        IK_PageUp      IK_PageDown     IK_End         IK_Home        IK_Left        IK_Up 
    IK_Right       IK_Down         IK_Select      IK_Print        IK_Execute     IK_PrintScrn   IK_Insert      IK_Delete
    IK_Help        IK_0            IK_1           IK_2            IK_3           IK_4           IK_5           IK_6
    IK_7           IK_8            IK_9           IK_A            IK_B           IK_C           IK_D           IK_E
    IK_F           IK_G            IK_H           IK_I            IK_J           IK_K           IK_L           IK_M    
    IK_N           IK_O            IK_P           IK_Q            IK_R           IK_S           IK_T           IK_U 
    IK_V           IK_W            IK_X           IK_Y            IK_Z           IK_NumPad0     IK_NumPad1     IK_NumPad2
    IK_NumPad3     IK_NumPad4      IK_NumPad5     IK_NumPad6      IK_NumPad7     IK_NumPad8     IK_NumPad9     IK_GreyStar
    IK_GreyPlus    IK_Separator    IK_GreyMinus   IK_NumPadPeriod IK_GreySlash   IK_F1          IK_F2          IK_F3
    IK_F4          IK_F5           IK_F6          IK_F7           IK_F8          IK_F9          IK_F10         IK_F11
    IK_F12         IK_NumLock      IK_ScrollLock  IK_LShift       IK_RShift      IK_LControl    IK_RControl    IK_Unicode
    IK_Semicolon   IK_Equals       IK_Comma       IK_Minus        IK_Period      IK_Slash       IK_Tilde       IK_LeftBracket 
    IK_Backslash   IK_RightBracket IK_SingleQuote 
   The keybinder in MapVote actually does bind "mapvotemenu" to the key you select but this
   is just used as a place holder, the "mapvotemenu" console command does not actually do anything.'
   The actual key press detection is done with "Interaction" code that is plugged into the console code.

   Also, you can now open the MapVote window using the console command MUTATE MAPVOTE MENU.

Client Side INI Settings:


   - bShowLogo - set to False to prevent MapVote from displaying the MapVote Logo when you join a game.
                 NOTE: this can be changed in the Configuration window also.
   - LogoScale - This is the scale used when drawing the logo on the HUD. Set to 1 for normal image size, 
                 or 0.4 for reduced size. Range from 0.0 to 100.0
   - LogoX - This is the Horizontal location of the upper left corner of the logo on the HUD. 
             Note: positions are scaled t0 640 x 480 regardless of current resolution.
   - LogoY - This is the Vertical location of the upper left corner of the logo on the HUD. 
             Note: positions are scaled t0 640 x 480 regardless of current resolution.

MapVoteDebug Logging:
   By default MapVote will Log all debug log data to the log file on the server. To turn this off so that your 
   log file will stay smaller add "Suppress=MapVoteDebug" to the UT2003.ini file under the "[Core.System]" section.
   If you start having any types of server problems that you think maybe related to MapVote, please turn MapVoteDebug 
   back on by deleting Suppress=MapVoteDebug from the ini file before contacting me about the problem. 

Per-Map Mutators and GameOptions:
   Warning: This is a new feature and therefore has only been tested with a small number of mutators.
            You could see certain side effects when combining diffent custom made mutators. 

   This version of MapVote now has Per-Map mutators and gameoptions capablities.
   Note: The per-gametype mutators and game options will be added to the per-map mutators and game options.
   There are two ways to config this:
   1. Edit the MapVoteHistory1.ini file and add mutators and gameoptions beside each map name.
   2. Use the Map cycle list in the ini file and add the mutators and gameoptions. 
      (This method was only added to satisify users that are already using this method.) 
   Method # 1
   1. The first time a UT2003 server is started with MapVote it will write-out all of the mapnames to
      MapVoteHistory1.ini file. So, Start your server with MapVote once and then stop it.
   2. Edit the MapVoteHistory.ini file with a text editor
      Note: MapNames have to be listed in alphabetic order. Undesirabled results will occure if
            you add a map in the wrong order.
      M = MapName
      P = PlayCount (number of times the map has been played)
      S = Sequence (the sequence that the map was played. Eg. 1 is the last map that was played)
      G = Game Options (game options that you want applied to this map)
      U = mUtators (mutators that you want added to this map when played)
      Sorry about the short names. I wanted to keep this file small to prevent I/O related performance problems.

      To add mutators to a specific map:
      1. Find the map in the list
      2. Insert the mutator(s) names into the "" beside the U option. If there is more than one mutator separate each
         with a comma. 
      Example: U="XGame.MutZoomInstaGib,XGame.MutSlomoDeath"
      Note: It is NOT nessessary to add MapVote400b11.MapVote. MapVote will add it self automatically now.

      To add game options to a specific map:
      1. Find the map in the list
      2. Insert the gameoptions along with their setting value into the "" beside the G option. If there is more than one 
         separate each with a Question Mark "?". (Sorry, maybe the next version will allow commas for more consistancy) 
      Example:G= "WeaponStay=False?Translocator=False?TimeLimit=10"

      Warning: During testing I discovered that if you go from a map that has per-map mutators to a map that has NO per-map 
               mutators that the previous map's mutators will be kept active. So, You might want to add mutators to each and 
               every map to prevent this. The same probably goes for GameOptions also.

      Managing Per-Map Settings via in game:
      You can use the following two console command to manage per-map mutators and game options while 
      in-game and logged in as an administrator.

      - This command will show you the current mutator and option settings for CTF-Face3. 

      - This command will set the mutators for CTF-Face3 to ZoomInstagib and Slomo death and the game options to WeaponsStay and turn on 
      MUTATE MAPVOTE SET MAPNAME=CTF-FACE3 MUTATORS=XGame.MutZoomInstaGib,XGame.MutSlomoDeath OPTIONS=WeaponStay=True?Translocator=True

   Method # 2
   1. Edit your UT2003.ini file (or server specified ini) 
   2. Find the MapList for the game type you are using.
   3. Append mutators and GameOptions beside each mapname in the following format:
      Maps=<mapname>?Game=<gameclass>?mutators=<mutator list>?<gameoption1 name>=<gameoption1 setting>?<gameoption2 name>=<gameoption2 setting>


   4. In the MapVote GameConfig line, set bUseMapList to True.
      GameConfig=(GameClass="XGame.xCTFGame",Prefix="CTF",GameName="Capture The Flag",bUseMapList=True,Mutators="",Options="") 
   When the server is started, MapVote will read the maplist from the ini file and parse the MapName, Mutators, and GameOptions 
   out and store them in the MapVoteHistory1.ini file.

Known Bugs/Problems:
   - Intermittantly when connecting to the server or when switching between maps the player will connect 
     but not be able to enter the game. 
     Increase the ConnectionTimeout value from the default of 15 to 30 (or higher) in the UT2003.ini under the "[IpDrv.TcpNetDriver]".

   - If you configure too many mutators and/or options with both the GameConfig and the per map setting then you may
     experience players who can not connect to the server after a map wins and it switches to the next map.
     I'm told that the limit is 485 characters. To avoid this avoid using the Options when not nessessary. Change
     the setting in the ini file under the gametype instead. 

Questions & Answers:
Q: What do the number beside each mapname mean ?:
A: The first number is the Sequence. (The number of previous games that the map was played. 1 being the current map,
   2 the previous map, 3 the map before that etc.....
   The second number is the total number of times the map has been played.

Q: When will the next release of MapVote be ?
A: When it is done. (Dont ask)

Trouble Shooting:
Q: I've installed MapVote and the voting window does Not open.
A: It is critial that you follow the installation instructions containted in this file.
   Make sure you have added "ServerPackages=MapVote400b10" to your UT2003.ini file.
   Also, if you are running Linux you must add "-nohomedir" to the command line UCC server startup script.

Q: Intermittantly when connecting to the server or when switching between maps the player will connect 
   but not be able to enter the game. 
A: Try increasing the ConnectionTimeout value from the default of 15 to 30 in the UT2003.ini 
   under the "[IpDrv.TcpNetDriver]".

Q: When Switching from one gametype to another the games settings (example: GoalScore) stays the same. 
A: Do not specify game config options in the command line parameters for UCC.
   Also, Do not start the server via the UT2003 menus. The settings specified in the menus will override
   the default settings 

Q: MapVote will not let me vote for the last couple of maps that have been played on my server. How do I 
   make it not do that ?
A: Change the RepeatLimit setting in the INI file to zero. Eg. RepeatLimit=0

Q: I'm having a problem with MapVote. What should I do ?
A: Re-read this whole document and make sure there isnt a misconfiguration. Also check your servers log file.
   Then post the details of your problem to my message board. There is a link on the left of my webpage 
   Please post your MapVote configuration settings from your ini file and the Command line parameters
   used to start the server (eg. UCC server map?game=blahblah....) and a snipet from the Log file if

Version History:
4.00 b6 - First publicly released version.

4.00 b7 - Added kick voting.
        - Added Score, Accumulation, and Elimination voting modes.
        - Added an "About MapVote" window.
        - Fixed a compatiblity problem with unpatched clients that was causeing crashes.
        - Made the MapList and GameConfig replications more efficient.
        - Fixed a bug that prevented the removal of a players 
          MapVoteReplicationInfo object when the player disconected a 
          server that has bots.
        - Added the display of the MapVote HotKey setting on the players
          HUD (just below the crosshair) for 20 seconds after the player 
          joins the server.
        - Added the options to have the server automatically travel to the 
          last played map when the server is restarted.
        - Added a configuration option for Anonymous kicking.
        - fixed a array diminsion bug in the MapList loading code that cause "Accessed None"
          log errors when using bUseMapList option.
        - Added safe gaurds for infinite loops in the maplist loading code.
        - Added Admin voting. If you are logged in as Admin then your 
          votes will win automatically (Maps and Kicking). Admins can not
          be kicked and they can also vote for eliminated maps.
        - Fixed a problem that cause the old version of the MapVote 
          window to open instead of the new version when you connect
          to different servers with differing versions of MapVote.
        - Fixed the Font size problem with different screen resolutions.
        - Fixed the Disabled icon size problem with different screen resolutions.

4.00 b8 - Fixed compatiblity problem that caused unpatched UT2003 clients to crash when using the 
          Set/Save button in the Configuration window.
        - Added a new MapVote Logo image to the HUD that displays for 10 seconds after joining 
          the server. Thanks to Rival*Q for creating the Logo. Also, Thanks to Major_Wilson for helping.
        - Decreased the amount of time that the logo and the MapVote HotKey reminder display on the
          HUD from 20 to 10 seconds.
        - Replaced the picture of me on an ATV in the "About" tab window with the new MapVote Logo.
          (Trying to keep the size of the file small.) 
        - Fix the HotKey binder so that you can Re-Set the same previous key. This problem was
          preventing the player from setting the HotKey when connected to a server with a new 
          version of MapVote.
        - Replaces the GameTypes combo list box with a button. GameTypes are now listed in the main
          MapList. When you click a game type in the list the maplist is cleared and loaded with
          mapnames for the selected game type. You can click the GameTypes button at the top to 
          select a different gametype.
        - Moved server RestartWithLastMap detection to before the writing of the pretty box to the 
          log so that it doenst look like a mid-mapvote load crash when it server travels to the 
          last map.
        - Fixed the problem with bRestartWithLastMap that prevented the use of admin initiated server 
          travels (via webadmin or console commands).
        - Added message sending recalling, just hit up or down arrow to cycle thru previously sent
        - Added more MapVoteHistory Classes, 10 of them, So you can run 10 UT servers on one physical
          server and have each keep separate history data.     
        - Added an invalid RepeatLimit safeguard check. If RepeatLimit is set higher than or equal to
          the number of maps for the first GameType then it will restet it to 0.
        - Fixed Admin Double-Clicking disabled mapname in list to force vote.  
        - All MapVote messages are now sent via the standard GameInfo->BroadcastHandler, so other 
          message mods/mutators should get them.
        - Pressing the Esc key will now close the voting window.
        - Added the ability to pass console commands thru the message box. In the message text box
          enter CMD then the console command you want to execute. MapVote will send the command to
          the console. 
        - Changed the MVRI array index value from the PlayerID to just an incremented number.
          This was done because I discovered that spectators do not get a PlayerID assigned to them,
          which resulted in the inablity to kick them. You should now be able to kick spectators.
        - Sepectators can open the voting window but can not vote. However, Admins that are spectators
          can vote.
        - Modified MapVoteHistory. 
           * Added per Map Mutators and Game Option variables (G and U).
           * removed some obsolete functions
           * Added PlayMap function 
           * Per-Map Mutators and GameOptions are parsed from map list mapname (if bUseMapList = True) and
             Stored in MapVoteHistory on start up of each game.
        - Added "Mutate MapVote Set" and "Mutate MapVote Get" commands for admins to manage per-map settings.
        - Fixed the disconnection problem when closing the MapVote window with the 2192 patch.
        - MapVote will added it-self to the Mutators string for the next map if it is not already listed.
        - Added bDebugLog config setting to the MapVoteReplication object. It is defaulted to false and therefore
          does not log MapVoteDebug information from the Replication oject. (this was the game types and map names being
          replicated to each player that used to get written to the log file.)

4.00 b9 - Fixed the bug that was introduced in b8 that caused MapVoteHistory to incrementing the sequence of unplayed maps 
          and cause all maps to be unvotable.
        - Moved MapVote Logo down on HUD so that it doesnt cover the MOTD.

4.00 b10 - Reduced the size of the Logo and moved it to an unused location on the screen. Also made the location and 
           size modifable on the client side via user.ini settings and reduced the the amount of time it is displayed 
           to 5 seconds.
         - Added bShowLogo client side configuration variable and Check box on Config tab to change it. Allows players
           to turn off the MapVote Logo.
         - Fixed failed server travel (because of bad map) inifinite loop problem when bRestartWithLastMap=True.
         - Player list box no longer contains Admins
         - Fixed Top 10 List click event. It now properly selects the correct gametype, map, and makes the map selection
           visible in the maplist when you click a map name in the Top 10 list box.
         - Map names are now sorted in alphabetic order on the client side in the map list box.
         - The Kick Voting tab is now removed if Kick voting is disabled (bKickVote=False)
         - The default HotKey is no longer set to the home key. If you do not have a key set or bound it will search 
           keys A - Z for an unused key and automatically set it to the first available. If no available keys are found
           then it does not set any default. 
         - Added "Mutate MapVote Menu" console command for opening the MapVote window. Alternative in above case were 
           no available keys are found. Note: Clients and server must be patched to 2153 or higher for this to work.
         - It will now use the HotKey setting from the previous version so you dont have to reconfigure the key everytime
           there is a MapVote upgrade.
         - Added Acronym variable to GameConfig settings which will be appended to map names in messages to help identify 
           game type for map. Example: Acronym=MUT - "JoePlayer voted for DM-MapName(MUT)"
         - Added support for RoAR UT2k3Assault game type. Doenst open the voting window at the end of the 1st half of the game.
         - Change GUI background from transparent to the background image from the InstantAction menu.
         - Added a message list box, which changes its width automatically. If the "Say" text box or the message listbox has 
           focus then the listbox will expand to the right moving the Top10List up over the Map Screen shot image.
           Clicking the Map list box will cause the message listbox to reduce its width bringing the top10list back down.
           The message list box will hold the last 10 messages sent.
         - Map list is now loaded by a maplist loader. Independant from the Game types. No more duplicated map names.
         - Moved bUseMapList from the GameConfig ini settings and Default Maplist loader.
         - Prefix settings can now have multiple prefixes separated by commas.

4.00 b11 - Fixed bug that prevented players from changing their votes. (could only vote once)
         - Fixed bug that cause the server to switch to the first map in the list (usually DM-1on1-Crash)
           when all player left the server.
         - Fix the bug that prevented the loading of mapnames if bUseMapList=False and MapNamePrefixes   
           has only one Prefix. 
         - Removed unnessessary call to GetDefaultMap function
         - Moved the display position of the HotKey setting to above the Logo on the HUD
           so that it could be seen easier. Also increased the logo display time back
           to 10 seconds to make sure players see their HotKey setting.
         - Changed the default HotKey back to HOME key. If HOME key is being used for something
           else then it will search for an unused key. 
         - Double clicking the Top10 Map ListBox will submit a vote now.
         - Added DefaultGameConfig and bDefaultToCurrentGameType to configuration.
            * DefaultGameConfig is a number that corresponds to the GameConfig you want the server to
              default to when all players leave. 0 is default. Does NOT apply when bDefaultToCurrentGameType=True.
            * bDefaultToCurrentGameType can be True or False. Set to True and the server will change to 
              a map belonging to the current GameConfig instead of the DefaultGameConfig when all players leave.
         - Added additional code for choosing default maps/gametypes when all players leave the server.
           1. Randomly choose map for default gametype, map must be enabled and have a prefix that belongs
              to the default GameConfig. 
           2. If after 100 attempts it doesn't find a matching map then it will scan from the top of the map
              list util it finds a map that is enabled and has a prefix that belongs to the default GameConfig.
           3. If that fails (Elimination mode probably), then it scans the map list from the top and finds 
              the first enabled map. It then sets the gametype to the first GameConfig that has the same prefix
              as the map.
         - Modified network replication for MapVoteReplicationInfo class.
            * Added bNetInitial to variable replication statements
            * Change NetPriority from 3 to 1
            * Change NetUpdateFrequency from the default of 10 to 1
Thanks To:
Rival*Q for making the MapVote Logo image
Major_Wilson for helping with the MapVote Logo image
[CTCR]TheCatcher coding help (End of game code and more), and for setting up a test server.
[CTCR]Nemisis for providing a server for testing and new web site
Everyone else who had downloaded and installed these beta versions of MapVote.

Copyright / Permissions
Copyright Bruce D. Bickar 2003
Authors may NOT use code from this package with out my permission.
You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this release, i.e. put it on a CD
or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit
You MAY distribute this release through any electronic network (internet,
FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive

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