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Marble Madness 2003 is a mod for Unreal Tournament 2003 inspired by the great classic arcade game Marble Madness. MM2k3 brings several new f...


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Marble Madness 2003 is a mod for Unreal Tournament 2003 inspired by the great classic arcade game Marble Madness. MM2k3 brings several new features to the table such as the freedom to rotate around the marble, zooming in/out, realistic physics handled by Karma integration with the Unreal engine, marble skins (with optional environment mapping), and the ability to make your own maps using UnrealEd!

Marble Madness 2003 will have both single and multiplayer modes. Single player will consist of the player racing the clock to navigate her/his marble through several maps while avoiding various obstacles in each map to reach a goal at the end of the level. Multiplayer modes will include a variety of gametypes such as Tag, Marbledome, and Race.

Tag - Tag is about being "it" for the longest amount of time. Once you're "it" everybody will be rolling your way to try and tag you and become it. It will require you to be constantly on the move and trying to avoid the other marbles.

Elimination - Like Red Rover but in marble world.

Marbledome - "Two marbles enter. One marble leaves." It's like Rocket Arena - er, without the rockets. Sumo Marbling, if you will.

Race - will work much like the two player mode of the original game but it will be possible to have more than 2 people racing through the map at a t

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Marble Madness 2003 Readme

version : 0.62
Features :

This release provides four Tag maps (multiplayer gametype), as well as the first map of the single player experience and a special just-for-fun single player gametype, Pool.

Installation :

Unzip the UT2MOD file to your hard-drive. Run the unzipped UT2MOD file and installation is automatic from there.

To play :

The UT2MOD installer creates a shortcut. Be sure to use it when you want to play MM2k3, for it sets UT2003 to use a custom ini file. Once in the new menu system, you can set your marble's texture, environment map setting, and triangle confetti color preferences in Settings->Player. We whole heartedly recommend the use of a trackball; if you don't have one, however, the mouse works. If you find the controls sluggish, consider raising the mouse sensitivity in Settings->Input.
If you grabbed the non-umod zip archive, you'll need to create a shortcut to your UT2003.exe, and set the commandline to add "-ini=mm2k3.ini" in the shortcut you created.

The Lost Marbles Team :

Pfhoenix - Coder and spelling and grammatical checker extraordinaire
DoctorSchwa - Mapping, Textures, Website, Music, and Sound specialist
Hayden - Mapping

Be sure to visit our website at, where you can find information on the mod, as well as documentation on creating your own Marble Madness 2003 maps.

Copyright :

Marble Madness (c) is copyright, held by Infogrammes. All code used in Marble Madness 2003 not released officially by Epic Megagames is original and ours. Do the right thing - pass the good word along, but don't illegally distribute or try to sell this mod. We put a lot of hard work into it, and it'd be unfortunate if we had to hunt you down and beat your candy ass.

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