Creepy female model...disturbing yet very cool:)


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Creepy female model...disturbing yet very cool:)

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"Mechanatrix" character model for Unreal Tournament 2003
By: Sundeep "FunkaDelic" Dass
email: [email protected]
Date of Completion: March 1, 2003

Installation Instructions:

Place the mechSkins.utx file in your UT2003\Textures directory
Place the Mechanatrix.ukx file in your UT2003\Animations directory
Place the Mechanatrix.ka file in your UT2003\KarmaData directory
Place the mechanatrix.upl file in your UT2003\System directory

If you want to see the player data for this model, copy and paste the text below into your file located in your UT2003\System directory:

Mechanatrix="Name:  Mechanatrix|Age:   Unknown|Race:  Human/Mechanical Hybrid||Data:|She never thinks about what happened to her; who did this to her. All she thinks about is inflicting pain and smearing your blood across the walls of the arena...||"

Load up UT2003, and select the Mechanatrix model from the Settings\Player tab. If you want bots to use this model in botmatches, you'll have to configure custom bots in the setup screen. 

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